How to Clean a Dirty Hunting Rifle 

Whether you’ve just had a hunting trip or you’ve been storing your rifle for a while, it’s important to clean it to make sure it is operating properly. Keeping a clean gun is also a good way to extend its life. Using a cleaning kit can help you keep your rifle in great shape. 

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The first step is to unload your rifle and remove any ammunition. Next, clean the bolt face and the bolt track. If your rifle has a magazine, you’ll need to lubricate the locking lugs. If the cocking cam is attached, you’ll need to lubricate it as well. 

Once you’ve cleaned your rifle’s bolt and bolt track, you can move on to the rest of the rifle. There are two types of cleaning: basic and deep. The first involves brushing and polishing the barrel. 

The second type of cleaning involves removing the fouling from the bore. Depending on the type of solvent you use, you’ll need to run the patch through the bore a few times. You’ll want to leave the muzzle slightly down when running the patch through. Then you’ll want to rinse the patch thoroughly with mineral spirits. This will get rid of the salts that have settled in the barrel. 

You’ll want to clean the chambers after a long period of use. While most rifles don’t require this type of deep cleaning, if your rifle has been used in harsh environments, it may need it. You can try using soap to help remove any salts from the barrel. Alternatively, you can apply a non-embedding abrasive compound to the chambers. 

During the hunting season, you should clean your rifle on a weekly basis. This is necessary because excess lubrication will attract dirt. This can make your rifle more susceptible to damage and less accurate. The best way to clean a rifle is to use a high-quality cleaning kit. You can find one at a shooting supply store. You’ll also need a rag, a toothbrush, and some solvent. 

Generally, a good cleaning kit will include a bore snake, a cleaning rod, cleaning patches, and a lubricant. You’ll need to decide what kind of cleaning you need, and what tools will work best for you. You can choose from a variety of different kits, or you can purchase the items separately. Some cleaners are designed to soak the barrels, while others are designed to attack copper fouling. Choosing the right chemical cleaner will ensure that your rifle performs as it should. 

The most common problem with a rifle’s bore is fouling. While many modern solvents can help to get rid of the worst fouling, it’s not always a good idea to rely on them to clean a firearm. For example, ammonia is effective at getting rid of copper, but it can damage the steel of your rifle if left in the bore for too long. 

The cleaning process for a rifle is relatively simple, but it does require some proper preparation. You’ll need a clean area and a safe place to work. You should also be sure to thoroughly examine your rifle after you’ve finished. If you notice any signs of damage or excessive wear, you should take the rifle to a competent gunsmith for a checkup.