What Makes Burchell Wolf Safaris the Best?

There are many things that make Burchell-Wolf Safaris the best. Scot and Katie Burchell are passionate hunters and understand the joy that comes from seeing and hunting these magnificent animals.

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Besides the hunt, they take guests on an immersive experience, which includes experiencing different cuisines, immersing themselves in new cultures, and meeting some amazing people. In addition, they enjoy the experience of staring at the sunrise or sunset over a campfire.

Chikwenya Camp

Located in Mana Pools National Park, a stay at Chikwenya Camp on Burchesll Wolf Safaris is an opportunity to see an array of animals. Elephant and buffalo abound, along with a variety of predators. Greater kudu and Burchell’s zebra are frequently seen in the nearby plains. And if you’re lucky, you may even spot a lone wolf. And don’t forget the birdlife! A great deal of birdlife is plentiful here, from hummingbirds to a variety of species of birds.

African wild dogs are classified as endangered on the IUCN’s Red List. The famed Dynasties documentary introduced them to the public. Unfortunately, the population continues to decline, but Wilderness Safaris has a number of camps in which visitors can regularly observe these charismatic animals. In addition to their presence in the Kruger National Park, Chikwenya Camp on Burchell Wolf Safaris offers an opportunity to observe the endangered African wild dog.

Etosha National Park

For many people, an Etosha wolf safari is the best option for seeing this endangered species. However, this is not the kind of safari that is found in movies. Instead, Etosha safaris are self-drive. During your stay at a lodge within the park, you will be able to drive yourself around the park and stop at waterholes to watch animals. You will have the chance to get up-close and personal with these beautiful animals, as well as get Nat Geo- worthy safari pictures.

The diversity of animals and habitats in Etosha means that you’ll likely spot a burchell wolf during your visit. While you can’t guarantee a sighting, you can have a high chance of seeing one of these magnificent creatures. The park also contains a large population of lions and other big cats. You’ll have the opportunity to spot these magnificent animals at waterholes, as well as in other areas.

Mombo Wildlife Area

There are few things that compare to the breathtaking sight of a lone wolf, and no experience on a wolf safari can come close to this enchanting experience. You’ll be paired with a professional hunter and enjoy the relaxed pace of life at a Burchell wolf safari in Mombo. The Mombo area is home to a unique tapestry of life. This family-owned business is dedicated to offering a bespoke hunting experience. Guests are paired with a professional hunter, and observers are invited to tag along during the hunt.

Hunting is available from 1 Mar to 31 Oct. Namibia has long been considered the best hunting destination in Africa, and a Burchell wolf safari in Namibia is an ideal way to experience the thrill of taking down a wolf.

Etosha’s white elephant population

Aside from teeming with wildlife, Etosha is a prime location for trophy hunting. It is home to the largest kudu population in Africa, 55” lions, and the oldest living eland in Africa, the Livingston. Thousands of people visit Etosha each year to view this incredible ecosystem and experience the thrill of seeing these animals up close.

While on a wolf safari, guests can observe the nocturnal behavior of wolves and leopards. Elephants congregate around areas with mineral deposits, making for an exciting experience. These animals require extra sodium in their diets. Other species commonly sighted include Cape buffalo, eland, and baboon. There are even smaller mammals that can be seen at night.