Does Namibia Have Internet?

Does Namibia have internet? Fortunately, the answer is yes, though connectivity is not very widespread and many remote areas have problems choosing a connection and speed. High-speed connectivity is available in most towns, however, and most major tourist attractions have internet cafes.

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In addition to this, most accommodation establishments offer free WiFi, as do many coffee shops and some malls. In addition, the country’s intelligence services can keep track of internet usage and e-mails.


High-speed, high-bandwidth services are key drivers in the seamless connectivity of homes. People are increasingly searching for a high-speed internet connection to conduct business, play online games, and entertain themselves.

Moreover, in the digital age, speed and reliability are crucial for the convenience and success of any activity. MTC is a leading provider of high-speed internet in Namibia, with Spectra Home internet. You can stay connected even when you’re away from home with its fast internet speeds.

Telecom Namibia

Namibia is a vast country with low human density and a sultry, dry climate. It’s considered the future of tourism, but it’s only possible with effective global connectivity, which is what Telecom Namibia has managed to do.

There are two main prepaid plans from Telecom Namibia: Hola! and Prepaid per Second. Both offer similar data rates, but Hola! offers a 30-second billing increment. The Prepaid per Second plan, which is the most common, also has the lowest rates.

TN Mobile

TN Mobile and MTC both offer internet services in Namibia through mobile phone networks. Mobile internet service plans work through a prepaid SIM card and can be purchased at any of the company’s service centers across the country. Data and call rates are charged per Mb, and you can also use a prepaid service called Hola! or a prepaid per second plan. Data plans have the same data rates, but call rates are cheaper per minute.

Electoral commission of Namibia

The shift to online voting in Namibia has a mixed history. The country’s COVID-19 internet rollout has been illustrious on paper, but the Electoral Commission of Namibia has decided to move its recruitment process online, at least for elections in June 2020. The stated reason for the change is to reduce the possibility of cross-infection. While the internet push seems like a good idea on paper, there are some concerns that the move may give the ruling party more control of the country’s digital space.

MTC’s 081Every1 network expansion

The first phase of MTC’s 081Every1 network extension has been completed, and the company plans to invest NAD1.2 billion to expand the footprint of the mobile network in the country. The company plans to upgrade its network infrastructure from 3G to 4G in urban areas and rural areas, and to cover nearly 100% of the population. This investment is a key part of MTC’s plans for growth in the next few years.