When hunting, it is important to choose a good hunting spot. When you choose your spot, you should consider its angles and the direction of the wind. For example, if you are a right-handed shooter, try to place your stand so that the wind hits your left side. This will allow you to draw your bow more easily on an animal that is upwind of you. 

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It is also important to choose a spot where there is less human activity. You should try to avoid public land areas where there may be more people. This way, you’ll avoid being surrounded by other hunters. 

Agricultural fields 

Agricultural fields are great places to hunt deer. They provide good cover for deer, and they are relatively easy to approach. Also, they offer a relatively small window of opportunity. Even though there aren’t many trees or other woods nearby, open ag land can be rewarding if you’re able to sneak into your stand before the sun rises. 

Agricultural fields are ideal hunting spots because deer tend to feed in open fields. They are surrounded by grass, hay, clover, and soybeans, which are all great for feeding deer. Similarly, white oak acorns are an excellent source of food for deer. Deer will stay in an open field for as long as it contains plenty of green grass. 

Tree stands 

Before setting up your tree stand, you need to carefully consider where you want to hunt. You’ll need to determine the prevailing winds and make sure that the trees you choose have adequate in-tree cover. Cedars and oaks provide the best in-tree cover for bowhunters. Also, consider the area’s natural and man-made barriers, as these will help you keep deer from going downwind. Trees also provide a good skyline and background cover. 

If you want to maximize your time in a tree stand, choose one with ergonomic design features. These can range from footrests to armrests. You can also choose one with flip-up seats to maximize space and comfort. 

Scent-free spots 

Scent-free hunting spots are extremely important for bow hunters. The scent of a hunter can affect the deer’s perception of him and the hunter’s chances of getting the shot. Many hunters fail to ensure that their skin is completely scent-free before heading out into the woods. A quick shower can significantly decrease the amount of scent a person brings into the woods. 

The best places for a bow hunter are those that are relatively wind-free. Ideally, the wind will blow the deer’s scent away when they approach. However, Mother Nature does not always cooperate, so a hunter should always have several backup spots. One of the most important tips for scent control is using ozone generators. These devices work by converting oxygen into ozone. The ozone gas is a powerful oxidizing agent. 


If you want to hunt with a bow, the first step you must take is scouting the land. You can ask local people for information about hunting areas, or you can use a program such as Google Earth to search for public land. However, public hunting spots are often heavily used and usually fill up fast. 

In order to be successful in early-season bow hunting, you need to identify a hunting spot where you can set up a tree stand. It is essential to choose a spot where you can shoot without having to worry about deer getting into your tree stand.