How Do I Get Ready For My Namibia Trip? 

Whether you are looking to visit Namibia for the first time or you are considering a second trip, there are some things you need to know before going. This dry desert country has a lot to offer, from the ancient trees of the Dead Vlei to the vast red sand dunes. But what do you need to pack to make sure you have the best Namibia vacation? 

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It’s important to pack the right equipment for your trip. Aside from the obvious stuff like sunscreen, lip balm, and a camera, you will also need a few items to keep you warm and dry while traveling. You should also carry an adapter for the country you’re traveling to. A power bank is also a good idea to keep your phone and camera charged all day long. 

You’ll want to be sure to pack the right shoes for your trip. You’ll be walking on sand and gravel all over Namibia, so you need to wear shoes that are well-suited for the task. You’ll also need a pair of socks to keep your feet warm. 

You’ll also want to wear a sun-protective hat. The sun in Namibia can be quite strong, and you’ll need protection from it. You’ll also need a pair of sunglasses. It’s also a good idea to pack a windproof jacket. You’ll also want to pack a few bottled drinks and snacks. 

You should also bring along a few useful items, such as a 12V travel cooler. Most hotels and lodges provide them, but if not, you’ll have to carry one. You’ll also want to carry a small flashlight. You should also take a brush to dust off your bags. 

You’ll also need to pack some sunscreen and sunglasses. In addition to these, you’ll want to pack a few small hand towels, which can come in handy during your trip. You’ll also want to take along a couple of insect repellents, which will be a lifesaver in the wetter areas of Namibia. 

You’ll also want to bring along a flashlight and an adapter for the country you’re traveling to. You should also bring along a small lamp, which can be very handy during the night. You’ll also want to carry a few zip bags to keep your belongings safe. You can also buy some plastic trash bags that you can use to cover your bags in case they get dirty. 

You’ll want to check your passport and make sure that it’s valid. You should also look into a few of the regular immunizations you might need to get. You may want to bring a few copies of your prescriptions as well. You may also want to carry along some anti-malarial medication, in case you get stuck in the wild. 

The best way to enjoy your Namibia trip is to take the time to plan ahead. You’ll find that a little preparation will minimize the amount of time you spend driving, and also help you to find what you’re looking for.