Buying a Bow For Hunting – How Heavy Should It Be? 

When buying a bow for hunting, you will want to take into account draw weight, arrow length, and KE (kinetic energy). You will also want to consider the amount of draw weight you can pull back comfortably. Generally, a 50 to 70-pound draw weight is sufficient for male hunters. But remember, everyone is different! 


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Draw weight 

When buying a bow for hunting, you need to consider how heavy you need it to be. The mass of a bow can easily add up to a pound if it has additional add-ons. Depending on the rules of the competition, weight can be a factor in the overall ranking. 

Draw length 

When it comes to bowhunting, draw length is an important consideration for the right shot. Longer draw lengths can make it difficult to maintain pressure on the arrow as it is released. A proper draw length will enable you to have a relaxed shoulder and scapula. 

Arrow length 

When selecting an arrow, the length of the arrow is an important consideration. The longer the arrow, the more bendable it will be, but the smaller the arrow, the stiffer it will be. 

Choosing the right size bow 

Choosing the right size bow for hunting is an important part of your hunting gear. You want the bow to be comfortable for you, and it should have a stable grip. It should also have a smooth draw cycle with minimal hand shock. 

Choosing the right draw weight 

Choosing the right draw weight for hunting bows is an important factor in the success of your hunt. A good draw weight should allow you to draw the bow without straining your arms. The draw weight should also be comfortable to draw in cold weather. A good rule of thumb is to start with 60 pounds and increase the weight as your shooting muscles improve.