How is an Assault Rifle Different From a Hunting Rifle? 

An assault rifle is a high-powered rifle designed to be lightweight and compact. It is often equipped with a bayonet mount and flash suppressor. It is generally used by combat troops and can be configured for different applications. The rifle may fire up to 30 bullets with a single trigger pull. 

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However, it is not always clear how an assault rifle differs from a hunting rifle. These guns have many features in common, including pistol grips, adjustable stocks, and select fire capabilities. They are also often light and portable and deliver reasonable accuracy at modern combat ranges. 

Assault rifles are a combination of military-style and civilian features, with the former resembling a fully automatic machine gun and the latter a surprisingly accurate semi-automatic sporting rifle. Some rifles even have a grenade launcher. Other than the aesthetics, however, the difference between the two is very minor. 

One of the major differences between an assault rifle and a hunting rifle is the magazine capacity. An assault rifle can hold as many as thirty bullets, while a hunting rifle typically has three or five. Those are impressive numbers, but they are only part of the equation. Another important difference is muzzle velocity. This factor does not only affect the lethality of a bullet, but it is also responsible for the shockwave that follows. To put that into perspective, a trauma physician has stated that the exit wound of a rifle round is as large as an orange. 

There are several types of assault rifles, but the most common are the AR-15 and AK-47. These rifles have a number of features in common, including a high-tech composite stock, a bayonet mount, and flash suppressors. Additionally, many models have folding or telescoping stock options. 

The term “assault” actually originated in World War II. During the battle, the Germans invented a new type of weapon, the machine gun, which was both highly accurate and quick to fire. In the aftermath of the war, the Soviets adopted the concept, as well as the engineering principles behind it. Eventually, the Germans developed the fully automatic rifle, which was called the Sturmgewehr. 

The v-cartridge was a technological breakthrough, and it was the first to fire a select amount of ammunition with one trigger pull. Designed by Hugo Schmeisser, it was simple to manufacture and allowed for semi-automatic operation. 

Aside from the v-cartridge, there are also several other technological achievements, some of which are worth mentioning. For instance, a flash suppressor disperses gases that come out of the barrel, and a grenade launcher is an optional add-on. 

Even though some states still consider certain semiautomatic firearms to be assault weapons, the federal government has defined the term to mean a weapon with a selective fire capability. While the gun industry’s definition of an assault rifle is a weapon with select fire capabilities, it is a military weapon with a detachable box magazine. 

Many firearms manufacturers and pro-gun advocates argue that the term “assault” is a misuse of the word “gun,” as a weapon with an automatic or semi-automatic capability is far more difficult to control than a semi-automatic firearm.