How Much Does a Good Hunting Rifle Cost? 

Regardless of what species you hunt, a good hunting rifle can be one of the most important pieces of gear you own. You want to make sure you choose a rifle that will be able to take down any animal you’re after, and at the same time, be comfortable to use. Luckily, there are plenty of good hunting rifles to choose from. 

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Choosing a Budget Rifle 

If you’re on a tight budget and are looking for a decent deer rifle that can be used for hunting a wide range of games, there are a lot of good options out there. Some of these models are designed specifically for the low-end market, while others feature premium design elements. It all depends on your preferences, but there are a few things to keep in mind when you’re shopping for a hunting rifle on a budget. 

Length of pull (LOP) 

For an adult, a good length of pull is generally about 13 or 14 inches. The best way to measure the LOP on a gun is to shoulder it and try shooting from different positions. This will help you determine the fit and balance of the stock, which is critical for accuracy. 


In addition to the length of pull, accuracy is also determined by the type of ammunition you load into the rifle. For example, a bullet that has a ballistic coefficient (BC) of 0.500 or higher will be much more accurate than one that does not. 

This is because a more precise bullet has less wind drag, which helps it get to the intended target quicker and with more energy. This also means that you’ll have a more reliable shot. 

Another factor that affects accuracy is the weight of the cartridge. Lighter-weight cartridges can reduce felt recoil and thus improve accuracy. This is especially true for the smaller calibers. 22-250 and.243 Winchester, but it can also be the case with other popular cartridges too. 

Using the right cartridges is crucial to making the most of your deer rifle, and it’s especially critical when you’re looking for a cheap deer rifle. If you’re going to hunt small game, for instance, you’ll want a round that’s light enough to be easy to carry and shoot, but still powerful enough to take down anything from a Coyote to a White Tail deer. 

The right cartridge for the job is also dependent on where you’re hunting. For example, if you’re hunting in the East, a lightweight cartridge like the 300 AAC Blackout may be more useful for you than a heavier-duty option such as the 450 Bushmaster or 5.56mm NATO. 

Aside from the bullet type and caliber, you should consider the stock of your deer rifle too. There are several options, from classic wood stock to laminate stocks and synthetic ones that are meant to be more resistant to the rigors of hunting in all kinds of weather. 

If you’re shopping for a rifle that will be used for youth deer or hog hunting, it’s best to look for a stock that’s easy for your kid to handle. This will ensure that they can safely and effectively fire the rifle without injuring themselves, and will also help them to develop proper shooting skills.