Where to Aim For Bird Bow Hunting Tips 

Bow hunting turkeys can be a great way to take home a trophy bird. However, it can be a challenging time for bow hunters and it can be difficult to find the right approach and tactics to maximize success on your hunt. 

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One of the biggest challenges for bow hunters is determining where to aim for a shot with your bow. Traditional shot placement on a turkey is in the head and neck region, but there are other areas to consider as well. 

Aiming for the heart and lungs is an excellent choice as this will kill a gobbler quickly and effectively. It will also ensure that your arrow will penetrate the bird’s spine as well. 

This is an area that can be easily overlooked with a conventional bow, so it is important to pay close attention to your target. By utilizing the tips listed below, you should be able to accurately hit your turkey and end up with a perfect shot. 

The heart and lungs are the two most vital parts of the turkey. When aiming for this area, be sure to keep your arrow close enough so that you can make contact with the heart and lungs without hitting any of the back feathers. 

In addition, you should also be careful not to hit the breast meat as this will only cause the bird to bleed out instead of killing it. 

Aiming within the area of the lungs is an effective way to shoot a gobbler and is especially effective when your target is in full strut. This is because the lungs are pushed against the bird’s spine and are less likely to move out of position during flight. 

Another place to aim when targeting a turkey in full strut is just above the base of the neck. Here you will be able to shoot straight up into the bird’s vent and this is an excellent spot to take your arrow since it will be in a direct line with the heart and lungs. 

When a turkey is in full strut, it will exaggerate its size and oftentimes will be hard to hit. The key to aiming correctly is to remember that the area above the heart and lungs is just feathers and the area below it is just breast meat. 

If you have a recurve bow, it is easy to use a broadhead with a larger diameter than what is commonly used for deer, which will increase your chances of killing your turkey. For example, the Snaro Screw-In Bird Point is designed to fit both carbon and aluminum arrows and features a flat nose that delivers a killing shock. 

Decoys are another option for bow-hunting turkeys and can be a valuable tool during the late season. A challenger decoy is an ideal setup for chasing gobblers in the later stages of the season and it will encourage a bird to come into bow range by posing as a rival to his territory.