How to Carry a Hunting Rifle Safely and Comfortably 

If you are about to go hunting, it is important to know how to carry a hunting rifle safely and comfortably. Some tips include sitting or kneeling, using a positional sling, keeping the muzzle control on, and ensuring that you have the correct ammunition. If you are planning to hunt on a hill or other high places, you need to avoid running or jumping with the rifle while you are carrying it.

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Sitting or kneeling 

When carrying a hunting rifle, you need to decide whether to sit or kneel. Sitting allows you to keep your left arm free, while kneeling restricts your range. Kneeling puts your line of sight over tall grass or bushes. It also provides three points of contact with the ground, which is more advantageous when shooting uphill. Besides, kneeling lets you cycle your rifle as fast as standing. 

Sitting is more stable than kneeling, but requires a bit more time. Standing has more wobble, and it’s not safe in a public place. Besides, kneeling allows for a more precise aim and lifts the sight line above low grass. Sitting also lets you support both elbows, preventing wobbling. 

Positional sling 

A positional sling is a useful tool to use while carrying a hunting rifle. The sling allows you to easily maneuver the rifle during shooting. You can find a sling that suits your shooting style and has many useful features. Josh Montgomery has taken over fifty gun courses and lives in Davenport, Iowa. He also takes care of two Labradors. 

The SAP rifle sling allows you to adjust the length of the sling with ease and without removing the rifle. This sling features a tensioning cuff that slides around the upper bicep of the support arm. It also features a main tension strap that draws the support arm closer to the rifle. When the rifle is fully supported, the body of the sling rests against the handguard or the back of the support hand. 

The safest way to carry a hunting rifle 

If you’re planning to hunt with a rifle, you need to know the safest way to carry it. Many hunters opt for a two-handed carry, known as a “ready carry.” This method enables the hunter to control the muzzle, and it’s also the safest way to carry a gun. In addition, it allows the hunter to quickly get into a shooting position with the gun when they’re in a position to shoot. 

When choosing a hunting rifle, it’s important to choose a pump-action model that can fire five shots in less than five seconds. This is essential because bears can move as fast as a racehorse in short bursts. Additionally, remember that the gun is on board and could be stolen, so you need to keep it secure. It’s best to use a locking case. 

Keeping muzzle control on 

It’s important to know how to maintain muzzle control when hunting. In an elongated hunting position, the muzzle should be pointing to the side, while in a shorter hunting position should be angled to the front. Hunting in pairs requires a slightly different approach, with the hunter at each side keeping the muzzles to the side and to the front, respectively. Likewise, the hunter in the middle needs to keep the muzzles back and up, while the hunter in the rear must keep the muzzle to the side or back. 

When using a hunting rifle, the muzzle should always be pointed in a safe direction, as it can ricochet when you shoot it. Be sure to check the status of your firearm often, and always keep your finger out of the trigger guard. Also, always wear your ears and safety glasses when you are shooting to protect your hearing.