How to Clean a Very Dirty Hunting Rifle 

Regardless of whether you have a new gun or an old classic, you should know the proper way to clean it. It is important to keep the rifle in good condition so that it will continue to function well for many years. This can be done through the use of the correct cleaning solution and brushes. 

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You can find a variety of solutions at shooting supply stores. Some are chemical and others are sonic. Choosing the best type for your particular situation is important. It is not a good idea to use solvents that could deteriorate the bedding or glass bedding. You can also choose to use a foaming bore cleaner. A solid choice is Wipe-Out Bore Foam. It is designed to be a very effective and efficient cleaning agent. It can be left in the bore for several hours or overnight. 

When cleaning a rifle, it is a good idea to have all of the parts exposed for cleaning. For example, you can scrub the interior of the barrel with a stiff bristle brush. If possible, you can also clean the bolt and the bolt face. If your rifle is equipped with bolt grease, you can apply it to the locking lugs and camming surfaces of the cocking piece. 

For more comprehensive cleaning, you can take your rifle to a gunsmith or gun shop. A professional cleaning technician can use high-end tools and cleaning solutions. They will also be able to perform the best cleaning for your specific model. You can also use a portable gun vise to keep your rifle upright while it is being cleaned. This makes it much easier to see what you are doing. 

Another tip is to purchase a bore scope. While it is a bit expensive, it can be an invaluable tool for inspecting the inside of your rifle. It can be quite useful for locating copper and other fouling in your barrel. 

You may also want to consider purchasing a bore guide. This will help prevent fouling from getting into your trigger mechanism. You can even put a cleaning rod through your barrel to help you get the job done. The guide will help you prevent the cleaning rod from damaging the barrel or the receiver. 

In addition to the correct cleaning method, you should store your gun in a safe and secure environment. Unless you are on a hunting trip, you are not likely to put rounds through your rifle. However, if you have been on a long hike or if you have been shooting in hard weather conditions, you might want to clean it to avoid water damage. 

You should also use a lint-free patch to protect the metal parts of the rifle. These are usually available at big box stores or online. They can also be purchased at a reputable firearms-cleaning accessories company. 

A little research and you can find a number of other great ideas for cleaning your gun. The best thing to do is to make sure you are using the right cleaning solution for your particular barrel. You might be able to avoid needing to re-clean your rifle altogether. In most cases, however, you will need to spend a few minutes to ensure that your gun is in good shape.