How to Determine Your Draw Length For Bow Hunting 

If you want to be successful at bow hunting, you need to get the proper draw length for your bow. The right draw length allows you to reach the contact points on your target in a natural way. It also allows you to get the most effective arrow flight possible. 

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How to Determine Your Draw Length for Bow Hunting 

The first thing you need to do is find a reliable measurement method that doesn’t take form into account. This will help you to find the correct draw length without the need for a professional instructor. 

Several different methods exist to figure out your draw length, some are more accurate than others. Some of these methods are simple and don’t require special tools. 

One of the easiest and most reliable methods is to simply stand normally and outstretch your arms. The length of your arm span (fingertip to fingertip) will give you a very accurate estimate of your draw length. 

This will be in inches and should be easy to calculate using a measuring tape or a measuring stick. However, it may not be as accurate if you are shorter or if you have very narrow shoulders. 

A better way to find your draw length is to ask a friend to measure it for you. Alternatively, you can use your own measurements if you are comfortable with that. 

If you are a new bowhunter and don’t know how to measure your draw length, you can visit your local archery shop for assistance. They can have you set up a bow with a faux arrow that has the measurements marked on it so that you can take an accurate reading. 

You should also measure the distance from your nose to the tip of the arrow on your bow to get an accurate measurement of your draw length. This will allow you to see whether your draw length is too long or too short. 

Another reliable method is to use a measuring arrow and pull your bow back. This will cause the peg attached to the arrow to slide forward and will show you the exact distance that your arrow is drawn back. 

This method is very accurate if you have a consistent anchor point and it can be done with any recurve bow. It isn’t the best method for a compound bow though as it can be difficult to hold the arrow with good form. 

The draw length of a compound bow is usually specified by the manufacturer and it’s important to find the proper draw length for your bow before you start hunting. This is because compound bows are designed to be able to be pulled back to a certain distance and if you don’t know the correct draw length for your compound, you could end up causing damage to your bow or your targets. 

A proper draw length will allow you to reach your aiming points in a natural way and will also allow you to get the most effective arrow flight for your shot. This will also allow you to be more accurate in your shots, which is essential for bow hunting.