How to Get Stronger For Bow Hunting 

Whether you’re just starting out in the sport of bow hunting, or you’re an experienced archer looking to improve your performance, you need to be strong and stable. Depending on the type of hunting you are doing, this may or may not require a more intense strength and conditioning program. 

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1. Work on your biceps and triceps 

The biceps and triceps are two of the most important muscles in the body for archery. They help the arms extend and flex to draw the bow and hold it in the recurve position. This is an essential skill for bow hunters, and can greatly increase your chances of success on your next hunt. 

2. Work on your chest muscle mass 

Chest muscles are important for archery because they help support the weight of your bow. They also allow you to flex and rotate your arms for better aiming. 

You’ll want to build your chest muscle mass before you start shooting in order to increase your stability and reduce the risk of injury when shooting a bow. Do this by performing a series of pectoral (chest) exercises that target the upper back, deltoids, triceps, and serratus anterior muscles. 

3. Do pull-ups 

Push-ups are an easy and effective way to get stronger for bow hunting and come in a variety of variations to focus on different muscle groups. There are the standard push-up, triangle push-up, wide-arm push-up, raised push-up, and decline push-up. 

4. Practice on a deer profile 

Another way to increase your shooting skill is to start practicing on a 3D deer profile. This will not only train your mind to shoot at a deer profile instead of a bullseye but will also help you to adjust shot angles quickly when you’re out in the field. 

5. Do a resistance band exercise 

A simple but effective way to strengthen your bow is to practice drawing with an elastic band tied in a circle. This will put you out of your comfort zone and provide you with some much-needed tension. You can even tie it in a small circle around 1 foot in diameter or smaller to give yourself some extra resistance. 

6. Do a half-kneeling windmill screwdriver 

A common problem in the shoulder joint during drawing is the upward rotation of the shoulder blade, which can result in impingement issues at the shoulder joint. The half-kneeling windmill screwdriver is a great exercise to prevent these problems. 

Having your shoulder blades up and rotating toward your rib cage when you’re pulling your bow can cause problems with your rotator cuff muscles. This is why it’s important to strengthen your rotator cuff muscles before you do any serious drawing or overhead shoulder work. 

7. Perform a dumbbell press 

This exercise is great for improving your arm strength, but it’s also an excellent way to increase your core strength. The dumbbell press is a good exercise to strengthen your core because it requires you to use your core muscles to stabilize yourself while standing.