How to Make a Hunting Bow and Arrows Storage Case 

In this article, you’ll learn how to make a hunting bow, from choosing the wood to cutting a shelf. From there, you can add precut feathers and add a broadhead and point. Make sure to follow the directions carefully to create a hunting bow that is as accurate as possible. Alternatively, you can purchase precut arrows. Regardless of the method you choose, you can be sure to produce a hunting bow that will make you the most accurate hunter. 

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Making a bow 

The process of making a hunting bow and arrows requires a lot of practice. If you’ve never made your own bow before, this project can be a great way to learn the basic techniques needed. Here are some tips for creating a quality bow: 

Choosing a wood 

When it comes to selecting the wood for your hunting bow and arrows, you want to choose a hardwood that is strong and durable. Choosing hardwoods is ideal, because they are the hardest types of wood. However, even hard woods can break and bend. This means that you can no longer snap your bow back into its unbraced position. Luckily, there are several hard woods you can choose from, and here are a few to look for. 

Cutting a shelf 

The first step to making your hunting bow and arrows storage case is to cut a shelf. The shelf should be cut close to the center to help the arrow clear the riser quickly. This will also make it easier to tune your bow. It also allows you to try different arrow sizes. Cut the shelf close to the center to make sure that it is sturdy enough to hold your hunting bow and arrows. 

Predicting the draw weight 

How to predict the draw weight of a hunting bow and its corresponding arrow is easy, but how can you determine what the actual draw weight will be? The answer depends on draw length. A long draw length will be more than thirty pounds. On the other hand, a short draw length will be under thirty pounds. In any case, the draw weight of a hunting bow and arrow is not the same as the actual weight of an arrow. 

Creating a tiller tree 

There are three ways to build a bow tiller tree. The first is to carefully remove some of the wood from the tree trunk. Then, attach the bow tiller board. The tiller board should be the exact size of the center of contact recess for the bow handle. Once the bow has been braced, it will be easier to attach the string. This step is not too difficult, but it will require some patience.