How To Properly Hold A Bolt Action Hunting Rifle 

If you’re a hunter, it’s important to understand how to properly hold a bolt action hunting rifle. Whether you’re using an AR-15 or a Ruger 10/22, the stance you’re in will affect your shooting consistency and ability to produce consistent and accurate shots. 

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You can hold a bolt action hunting rifle in three main ways. The most common is the open palm method, which allows you to grasp the bolt handle, while the others involve a sling or bipod. When holding a sling or bipod, the support hand is typically placed under the sling. This position is most reliable in dense cover but is less effective for longer distances. 

The open-palm method is the easiest way to learn. This method allows you to lift the rifle with more force and requires a minimal amount of fine motor skills. It is also effective when used with a solid rest. 

During the open palm method, you’ll want to grip the forestock with the non-firing hand, and the thumb of the dominant hand will be pointing forward. Keep the index finger outside the trigger guard until you are ready to fire. 

You can also use the grip method, which provides two points of hold on the gun at all times. This is an efficient and practical approach for hunters who shoot from a variety of unconventional positions. However, it’s more difficult to perform accurate shots. 

When it comes to holding a bolt action hunting rifle, you must first make sure your firearm is empty. After checking, you should close the bolt. 

Next, you’ll want to place your fingers on the cartridge in the magazine. This will allow you to unload the weapon. Once you have unloaded your rifle, you’ll need to reload it. To do this, you’ll need to remove the magazine. 

Holding a bolt-action hunting rifle can be a tricky task. While you can find many helpful guides on the web, it’s always a good idea to practice. Practicing will help you control your shot preparation and improve your overall accuracy. 

One of the best methods for determining the right shooting position is to determine how much resistance your rifle produces. If it’s too easy to pull the trigger, you’ll need to move your hands. Also, be careful not to take your eyes off the target. If your eyes aren’t focused on the target, it will dramatically slow your shot’s effectiveness. 

The most important point is to be sure you’re pointing your firearm in the direction you want it to go. This will keep you from accidentally firing the rifle. Keeping your rifle pointed in a safe direction will also help you to avoid eye strain, which can be a factor in accurate shooting. 

A sling can also help you to maintain a more precise and controlled shooting position. For instance, it can provide additional support if you are trying to shoot over uneven terrain. And, it can give you the ability to shoot quickly, which can be essential in a game situation.