How to Store a Hunting Bow Properly 

Whether you are a new bow hunter or a seasoned professional, proper storage is important for a number of reasons. This includes safety, preventing rust, and keeping your prized possession in tip-top shape. Choosing a case and mount to protect your bow from scratches and nicks is the first step. You will also want to keep your bow away from extreme heat and cold. These conditions can degrade your bow’s string and affect its overall function. 

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When storing a bow, you can do it in a case, on the floor, or on a stand. You should choose a case that provides proper protection, as well as one that is designed for the particular bow and accessories you are storing. For example, you should look for a case that includes a sock to prevent dust and debris from accumulating on your bow. 

A quality case will not only protect your bow but will also hold all of your accessories and arrows securely. It is a good idea to purchase a hard shell case for long-term storage. 

Bow storage can be a tricky business. For the best results, you should store your bow in a cool, dry place. Keep it out of reach of kids and pets. Also, avoid putting it in a garage without climate control. Extreme temperatures can damage your string and even destroy the entire bow. 

Besides storing a bow in a hard case, you can also hang your bow from a hook, if you have the space. To do so, use a peg in a proper location to evenly distribute the weight of the bow. Make sure the distance between the ends of the bow is the same, or your bow may end up with a misshapen string and bent limbs. 

A bow’s strings need to be waxed before storing it. Applying a coat of wax will keep the strings from getting too damp. However, make sure to spread the wax with a cloth, otherwise, it could cause the limbs to bend and the strings to become loose. 

Choosing a quality case is the most obvious way to store your bow. This will also help you maintain its optimum shape and functionality. If you are a frequent bow user, you can opt to use a stand for easy access. The most basic of stands can be a simple tripod. There are also racks for bows, which can be mounted on a wall. 

You can also buy a bow sock to cover your bow. This will not only protect your bow from debris but will also help to prevent dents and scratches. While a bow sock may not be the most stylish thing to own, it is a very useful item. 

Depending on how you are going to store your bow, you will need to think about the location, budget, and activities you plan to engage in. For example, you should avoid putting your bow in a basement or an attic. Similarly, you should only store it in a room in the house that is not exposed to sunlight.