How To Store A Hunting Rifle Properly 

In order to make sure that your hunting rifle is ready to go next season, you should store it properly. Proper storage can keep your firearm in great condition and save you money in the long run. 

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Ideally, your gun should be stored in a safe, but if you don’t have access to a safe, you can store it in a safe deposit box. This is not as secure as having a lock on your gun but it’s a cheap and effective method of protecting your guns. 

You should also ensure that your ammo is not exposed to moisture. Moisture can cause rust. Keeping the ammo in a separate container can prevent this problem. Also, make sure you are using quality lubricants. Some gun oils can soften the wood stocks of your rifle. 

The best way to protect your gun from rust is by using a moisture-wicking desiccant bag. These are available at most home improvement stores and can be used on the outside of your gun for long-term protection. Having a moisture-wicking desiccant can help reduce rust as well as the long-term corrosion of your firearm. 

It is also a good idea to use an eye screw to securely hold your gun in place. Using a cable lock isn’t the best solution, but it can be useful if you don’t have access to an eye screw. If you do have a cable lock, it is better to use two. 

Another effective way to prevent rust is to vacuum seal your gun. While this may sound like a fancy term, it means you are using a small vacuum to seal off the air around the weapon. For most people, this is a relatively inexpensive way to keep your weapon clean. 

When it comes to storage, the best option is to choose a safe that is specifically designed to store weapons. Ideally, the safe should be small enough to fit your firearm. However, you should also consider having a safe deposit box on hand in case you need to move your firearm. 

As a matter of fact, your firearm should be unloaded and locked at all times. You should also try to make sure that the muzzle is facing downward. Otherwise, the weight of your gun can cause the metal to warp. 

You should also make a list of all of the parts that make up your gun. Include the serial numbers of each of these items on the list. Make copies of your safe combination, too. Creating a list will prevent you from forgetting something, and it can prove handy if you need to replace a part. 

Another great way to keep your gun safe is to use a trigger guard. Not only will this prevent your firearm from being stolen, but it will also prevent dust from falling on your lenses. Of course, you should wear oil-coated gloves when moving your firearm. 

A brass wire brush is also a great item to have on hand. These are excellent for cleaning your gun, removing surface rust, and preventing damage from pitting.