How to Use a Hunting Rifle 

There are a number of important steps to take when using a hunting rifle to get the most accurate shot. Proper sitting and stance are important components of a hunting rifle’s use. Using a prone position will improve accuracy, but can be difficult if the target is located in dense brush or tall grass. It also requires a lot of concentration and time. Another important factor is ensuring that the muzzle of the rifle is clear of dirt or other debris. 

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What is a hunting rifle?

There are a variety of hunting rifles available on the market today. Some of these rifles are designed to be used for specific types of hunting, while others are designed more broadly.

Choke selection 

Choke selection is an important part of rifle hunting. The selection process depends on several factors, including shot size, density, wad type, primer and case type, barrel diameter, and steel thickness. The number of constrictions in the choke will also vary, as will its length and form. Typically, a 70-percent choke will give you a good pattern at a reasonable distance. 

There are three basic choke types. The full choke delivers the tightest pattern but is not as effective at longer ranges. The modified choke is not as tight and is used for mid-range shots. The improved cylinder choke controls the shot pattern but isn’t as effective as the full choke. 

Getting accurate with sub-MOA hunting rifles 

The first step to getting accurate with a sub-MOA hunting rifle is to learn about shooting techniques. The ideal shooting position is prone. The prone position mimics the steady shooting position of a shooting bench with sandbags. It is also important to remember to breathe properly and to know the range, point of impact, and direction of the wind. 

The core vital area of most game animals is about 8 inches in diameter. The goal is to get a shot in this area that will put the animal down quickly and humanely. In other words, “hunter accuracy” is the distance at which all shots are smaller than the animal’s vitals. In fact, most hunters measure accuracy in MOA or minutes of angle. For example, a gun with an MOA of 1.5 will keep all shots within a six-inch circle at 300 yards. 

Places to hunt with a hunting rifle 

If you’re a hunter, there are many places to go hunting with a hunting rifle. The southern states are ideal for hunting big bucks with a hunting rifle. However, you’ll want to start with a relatively low-impact rifle. There are many different kinds of cartridges to choose from and new ones are released every year. A hunting rifle with a flat shooting capability is best, as it allows you to cover more ground from one vantage point. You’ll also want a rangefinder or bipod for unhurried shots. 

If you’re a rut hunter, you’ll want to look at states like Alabama and Mississippi. Both states offer great late-season rut hunting opportunities. These states have temperate weather and woods interspersed with winter rye and small grains. This makes for a comfortable hunting experience.