Hunting With Safari Experts in Namibia

Hunting With the Burchell Wolf Safari Hunting Experts

Hunting with the Burchell-Wolf Safari hunting experts is a great way to see Africa’s wildlife up close and personal. The hunting camp spans 30,000 acres in the Etosha Conservancy, where world-class trophies have been shot. There are also conventional safaris as well as the Burchell-Wolf Safari. For hunting enthusiasts, this is a great way to learn the tricks of the trade and have an unforgettable game hunting experience.

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Why a Namibia Hunting Safari?

If you want to experience the thrill of trophy hunting without spending a lot of money, a Namibia hunting safari is the perfect choice for you. This safari will let you hunt gemsbok, springbok, baboon and warthog, while also providing trophy fees for these animals. It is one of the most affordable ways to hunt the plains game of Africa. It is also a great option for families and couples. The hunting area of Namibia consists of approx. 80 square miles of land, with small rocky hills, huge savannahs, and patches of bushy areas. The landscape is largely natural with very few manmade improvements.

When hunting is necessary, there are additional concession areas available, which are bordering the hunter’s property. With these, the hunting area can stretch to more than 150 square miles. The hunting is conducted in the classic safari hunting style.

Although the country follows the same conservation model as its neighbor South Africa, Namibia is not as densely fenced as South Africa. There is plenty of open space to hunt, and the game populations are not as varied as those of South Africa. However, Namibia offers great trophies in plains game hunting. Hence, it is a perfect choice for hunters looking for a great trophy. The country also has proper legislation for conservation of wildlife.

Namibia has diverse habitats and terrains, making it an excellent hunting destination. Various species of animals live in Namibia’s forest and desert habitats. You can hunt zebra, gemsbok, kudu, eland, and springbok. The hunter’s paradise is also renowned for the abundance of game. Namibia is the second-most popular plains game hunting destination in Africa, so there is a wide selection of species for any hunter to choose from.