Hunting Safaris Where You Eat What You Kill 

If you’re looking for a truly unforgettable Africa hunting safari, consider trophy/cull hunts. Choose trophy animals for your first trip to Africa and the others for three to four more. In addition to allowing you to enjoy the sights and sounds of Africa’s wild life, trophy hunts save money, improve animal health, and promote conservation. Here’s how to choose the right hunting safari for your preferences and budget. 

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Cape buffalo hunting safaris 

The adrenaline rush of a Cape buffalo hunting safari is hard to beat. It is one of the Big Five game animals and is considered the deadliest. The buffaloes can grow to over one hundred and fifty pounds and are considered the world’s most aggressive game animals. With the right outfitter, you can enjoy a day in the field with this amazing creature. However, you will have to be ready to face the challenge of slaying an old nyati. 

Cheetah hunting 

If you’ve ever been on a cheetah hunting safari, you know that the experience is incredibly rewarding. But before you take that big leap and book your spot, there are some things that you should know. First, cheetahs are incredibly delicate animals. This is why they do not normally attack humans. Their diet consists mainly of meat, but they do occasionally go after smaller prey. And they are also very quick, requiring them to eat quickly after killing it. 

Lion hunting 

Lion hunting can be done legally or illegally. While legal hunting is permitted according to government laws, illegal hunting leads to the eradication of lions. Bones from dead lions are illegally traded to bone traders and traditional healers. If the hunter does not want to take their own bones, he can sell them to the latter. The hunter’s seal number will be the only one that is published on the carcass, and they will not reveal his or her own name. 

Cheetah hunting with a bow 

To take a Cheetah as a prey, you must be able to get within 300 yards of the animal. Cheetahs feed on a wide variety of species including rabbits, small antelopes, and game birds. You will have a better chance of seeing one if you hunt later in the year. You must also know when to go hunting so that you can take advantage of the best conditions. 

Cheetah hunting with a rifle 

A good rule of thumb is to aim for the middle of the chest on the male. You may have to shoot as far as 300 yards, but you should be comfortable with that range. Cheetahs prefer small to medium antelopes and young goats, and they also feed on guineafowl and sheep. The cheetah is also highly territorial and will join up with two or three other males to form a coalition. 

Lion hunting with a bow 

One recent incident has exposed a new trend in trophy hunting. Hunting lions with bows and arrows has prompted some people to question the ethics of the practice. Campaigners claim that killing a lion with a bow is deliberately torture. They argue that the practice should be banned. But there are several concerns about this practice. First of all, bow and arrows aren’t safe for lions. Secondly, bows aren’t as effective as handguns.