Is African Cuisine Worth It?

You’ve probably heard of Nigerian standbys Egusi Soup, Ndole, Kedjenou, and Waakye. What’s all the fuss about? If you’re interested in the cuisine of Africa, keep reading. Some of these dishes may seem out of place, but they are delicious nonetheless. You’ll want to try them all! And you’ll find a few recipes for each, too.

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Egusi Soup

You’ll be surprised to find that Egusi Soup is a staple of Nigerian cuisine. This thick soup is made from ground Egusi Seeds, Palm Oil, Tomatoes, and Okra. Typical ingredients include mushrooms and greens. But if you’re unsure about its taste, try some before making your decision. Here’s how to make Egusi Soup.


Cameroon’s bitterleaf casserole, Ndole, has become a delicacy in Cameroon. It is revered by children and elders alike. This staple dish originated in Cameroon and is considered the national dish of Cameroon. It has spread to other parts of Africa, too. It is available in many variations, including Black Ndole, which is made with dried fish, and Green Ndole, which uses meat or vegetables.


Kedjenou is a delicious chicken dish that can be made at home in a jar or canary. It is typically cooked over a fire, usually coals. The main ingredient is chicken and juice, which is combined to cook the chicken in a slow-cooking liquid. In Cote d’Ivoire, the chicken is sometimes wrapped in banana leaves, and grilled on hot coals. In some regions, Kedjenou is cooked in a clay pot, and the jar is shaken frequently to prevent the sauce from sticking.


If you’ve never tried Waakye African cuisine, you’re missing out. This delicious dish, also known as Arroz e Feijao in Brazil, Pabellon Criollo in Venezuela, and Gallo Pinto in Costa Rica, is made with braised goat or mutton shoulder and various spices indigenous to Ghana. Some of the spices are peppery grains of Selim, fragrant fresh ginger, and smoky crayfish powder.


Southern Africans enjoy eating tripe, or mogodu, cooked in a traditional stew. The dish is popular in Lesotho and Botswana, as well as South Africa. Mogodu is traditionally cooked with beef tripe, intestines, onions, and other ingredients. Oftentimes, the dish is spiced up with hot chili peppers. A dish similar to mogodu is tamatie bredie, a traditional stew of maize and tomatoes.

Palm Butter

There are many ways to incorporate palm butter into your everyday cooking. You can use it on fish, chicken, or vegetables, or simply add it to soups. You can even add it to rice and serve it over top! The more creative you are with your palm butter recipes, the more you’ll enjoy them. Below are some delicious ways to use palm butter in African dishes. Read on to find out more about how to incorporate this wonderful ingredient into your everyday cooking!


Okra is an African vegetable that is versatile, mucilaginous, and delicious. It is cultivated in several species, including Abelmoschus esculentum. Okra originated in southern Ethiopia in far antiquity and was first brought to Europe in the 16th century. In many African cuisines, okra is a staple vegetable, giving stews and other dishes the desired thickness and savor.