Namibia Hunting Safari – Is it Worth it?

The Namibia Hunting Safari will cost you about $300 per day. You’ll be staying in a luxury lodge near the Etosha National Park, and your hunt will take place in the vast land surrounding the country’s capital, Windhoek. The area is composed of savannas, small rocky hills, and patches of bushy areas. The area is largely natural, with very few man-made improvements. In fact, you’ll have unlimited movement.

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Namibia Hunting Safari costs $300 per day

A Namibia Hunting Safari costs about $300 a day, depending on the hunter and the area of the country. The cost depends on the animal you’re looking to hunt and the amount of luxury you’d like to enjoy. In most areas, the cost is cheaper than in more remote areas, but you’ll have to pay for charter air travel. The price of a Namibia Hunting Safari is more affordable than you might think.

Etosha National Park

A Namibia hunting safari in Etosha National park is a must for those who like to hunt. There is a large pan covering 5,000 square kilometers in the middle of the park, which offers excellent opportunities for spotting a variety of wildlife. Waterholes in the park create excellent viewing areas, as the large game gathers in massive herds to drink. During the dry season, it is also possible to spot a large variety of birds, including zebras, hippos, and giraffes

Taxidermy costs

The average cost of a taxidermy trip in Africa is $1,000 to $2,000. The taxidermy price in Africa includes the costs of shipping the trophy home as well as sea freight to New York. The prices quoted above do not include any additional costs, such as fees charged by Customs in the USA or by Fish and Wildlife for inspections. The prices listed below do not include the cost of Namibia taxidermy work.

Value of hunt

A hunting safari in Namibia will cost you very little. Most people believe that this experience will cost them upwards of $25k, but a 7-day hunt in Namibia can still cost less than a single mule deer hunt in the United States. Namibia hunting safaris are tailor-made to your preferences, and are highly affordable. The value of a Namibia hunting safari is in the memories you will create. While you’ll be hunting for trophy animals, you can also customize your hunt to meet your personal preferences.

Ethics of hunt

The ethics of a Namibia hunting safari can be discussed in the same breath as the ethical considerations of a wildlife conservation organization. The country’s environmental achievements speak for themselves. Several policies have been implemented to promote wildlife conservation, and this practice has been highly successful. In addition to conservation efforts, hunting can also help conserve habitats and biological diversity. Ultimately, hunting and tourism must be paired to produce the best possible returns on wildlife.