Burchell Wolf Safaris in Botswana Chikwenya Camp in Mana Pools National Park

The wildlife of Mana Pools National Park is truly spectacular. It is home to more than 100 species of Flora and Fauna, including the world’s largest population of Burchell’s Wolves. Its wildlife includes large populations of Elephant and Buffalo, and many types of predators, including Lion, Leopard, and Hyaena.

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You may also see Burchell’s Zebra and Greater Kudu, among other species. The climate is dry in Mana, which benefits the wildlife in two ways. First, it helps visibility. The undergrowth in the forests becomes thinner during dry seasons, allowing you to see animals more clearly. In addition, no off-road driving is allowed, so guides are able to take you on foot, making for an even better view of wildlife.

Mombo Wildlife Area

You’ll be able to witness a Burchell wolf in its natural habitat on a Burchell wolves safari in Mombo Wildlife Area. The reserve boasts massive concentrations of plains game and predators. The reserve offers excellent game viewing, from vehicles to Mokoro. The floodplains are teeming with game all year round. You’ll also see a Lion Cub, Leopard, and Hyena.

Vumbura Plains

The Vumbura Plains is an area in northern Botswana that is home to the Golden Pack, a wolf pack that is famous for its distinctive gold patterning. A recent sighting revealed seven pups with their mother. The Golden Pack is being tracked by GPS/satellite radio collars as part of an ongoing research project with the University of Zurich and Botswana Predator Conservation.

While this region is best known for its wolves, Namibia offers a wide variety of game animals for hunting. Burchell zebra and Mountain zebra roam the rolling hillsides, while Klipspringers can be seen sunning on rocky outcrops early in the morning. Observers are also welcome on hunts for Leopard and Honey Badger. Caracal, Cheetah, and Brown Hyena can also be hunted.