A Place to Go in Namibia

With its iconic desert dunes, pink granite mountains, and swirling desert sands, Namibia offers some of the most beautiful scenery on earth. Namibia’s stunning landscapes are another draw for tourists in addition to its remarkable assortment of wildlife.

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Burchell Wolf Safari is a Place to Go

Scot and Katie Burchell have a passion for the outdoors and hunting and they have turned this passion into a business. They realized that a safari is about much more than seeing a wolf; it’s about the experiences it provides. You’ll get to learn about a new culture, experience incredible food, meet fascinating people, and spend long nights by a crackling fire.

Among other things, you’ll get to see amazing sunrises and sunsets. If you’re looking for a truly amazing African adventure, you’ll find it at Burchell-Wolf Safari.

Burchell Wolves

The owners of Burchell-Wolf Safaris, Scot and Katie, share a personal passion for the outdoors. Hunting is not just a business for them; it is also their dream. As hunters themselves, they know that a safari is a collection of experiences, from trying new foods to immersing in new cultures. They also know that a trip isn’t complete without watching a sunrise. And their staff is more than willing to assist you in planning your adventure.

African Wild Dog

An African wild dog safari with Burchell Wolf is a wonderful way to see these charismatic animals up close. African wild dogs live in large packs of ten to forty members, each led by a monogamous breeding pair. The pack takes care of the alpha pair’s pups, and the older dogs often feed and rear the young. This unique social organization makes it the perfect way to experience Africa’s natural beauty.

Kiota Safari House

If you are looking for a luxurious African safari, consider staying at the Kiota Africa Safari House. Unlike most East African game parks, this luxury safari lodge offers 360-degree views of the animals. With private safaris, guests can enjoy the game in a relaxed atmosphere without the hassle of crowds. In addition, guests can enjoy world-class security. Unlike other safari lodges in Kenya, the Kiota Africa Safari House offers 360-degree views of the wildlife.

Mombo Wildlife Area

If you’ve been planning your next safari, consider a stay at Mombo Wildlife Area. Known as “The Place of Plenty,” the area is home to massive concentrations of plains game, predators, and all three big cats. Lions, cheetah, and leopards have all been spotted here. A recent sighting of a Motsumi Pack, African wild dogs, was just a short drive away.

Gorongosa National Park

The stunning landscape and abundant wildlife make the Gorongosa National Park a treasure in Mozambique’s national park system. It is often called the “Serengeti of the South” thanks to the floodplains teeming with majestic waterbuck, lions stalking the savannah, and elephants splashing in the waterholes. This park is famed for its biodiversity, supporting an astounding variety of animal and plant species.