What Age is Good to Start Bow Hunting? 

The age of a child can play a key role in determining whether or not they are ready to begin bow hunting. For instance, a child who is under the age of 12 should not hunt with a bow that is designed for a person in that age group. But a child who is over the age of 12 can start bow hunting with a bow that is suitable for their level of physical and mental maturity. 

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Let-off percentage 

The let-off percentage is an important factor to consider when hunting with a bow. Lower let-off percentages can help with your archery form, while higher ones can cause you to drop the arm and have a difficult time following through on the shot. Lower let-off percentages can also reduce the strain on your arms, shoulders, and back. When it comes to hunting with a bow, you should be comfortable and not over-exert yourself. 

The let-off percentage on a compound bow varies from 60% to 90%. The percentage of let-off will affect the weight you hold at full draw. For example, a 75% let-off bow will hold about 17.5 pounds of weight. A lower let-off percentage will allow you to hold the bow at full draw longer, reducing the amount of energy your arm has to exert. 

Physical and mental abilities 

Before you start bow hunting, you need to make sure that you’re in good physical and mental shape. First, you need to know some basics about first aid. You should always carry a first aid kit, and you should learn how to treat minor injuries like cuts and bleeds. You also need to know how to stabilize an injured person until help arrives. You should also have some knowledge about animal behavior and habitat. 

Archery requires a strong upper body. Your arms, back, and stomach muscles play a vital role. You can build your strength by doing pushups and bicep curls. Then, you should try to shoot at least 20 arrows down the range. This exercise will work your muscles, and you’ll experience the burning sensation as lactic acid floods into the muscle tissue. As you continue to practice archery, your muscles will get stronger and more conditioned. Your tendons and ligaments will get bigger and stronger, and your body will adapt better to stress. 

Youth bows 

When looking for a youth bow, look for something that is fully adjustable and made of high-quality materials. The best youth bows are made by well-known manufacturers. They offer the best technology in youth rigs, which were once cutting-edge in the adult market. Also, these bows have the latest cam designs, string and cable materials, and other quality aspects. 

One example of a high-quality compound bow is the Bear Whitetail Legend. This bow comes with a kit that includes a carbon peep, four-pin sight, a wrist sling, and an adjustable draw length. The draw weight of this bow ranges from eight to seventy pounds. Its draw length is a generous 16 to 26.5 inches. The Whitetail Legend also comes with a draw stop. 

Youth bows with adjustable draw weights 

Compound bows are an excellent choice for kids, as they can easily be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of archery skills. Some bows are designed to allow for an infinite draw, while others are designed to cater to those who prefer a shorter draw length. Compound bows also offer adjustable draw weight, which makes them a good choice for beginners. 

The X-Series is a great option for young hunters. It features adjustable draw weight, a 5-arrow quiver, and a stabilizer. The bow is also adjustable in length and features a low draw weight. The draw weight is low enough for children as young as five years old to easily draw a bow.