What Age to Start Bird Hunting? 

If you’ve always wanted to get out into the field and hunt but haven’t had the time or the opportunity, it might be worth considering upland bird hunting. This type of hunting can be a great way for young hunters to learn the basics of how to safely and legally hunt while also having a lot of fun in the process. 

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The first step in getting started is to find a local class covering hunting safety and regulations. Many states require hunters to pass a hunter education course before they can get a hunting license. 

Once you have that taken care of, it’s time to head out into the field. Siler, who has been hunting for over 50 years, recommends finding a local guide and making sure to bring the right equipment. 

You’ll need a shotgun, ammunition, and patience to hunt. You’ll also want a waterproof camera to capture the memories of your hunt. 

If you’re new to upland hunting, a guided hunt may be the best option for you. This will help you learn the ropes and take your hunting skills to the next level while still having a good time with a knowledgeable professional who is willing to help you out along the way. 

Before you head out into the field, make sure to dress for the weather you will encounter and be prepared for any sudden changes in temperature. This will ensure that you can hunt for as long as possible and give you more chances to see birds. 

Another great way to get started is to ask friends or family members if they are interested in going hunting with you. This will help you both learn a lot more quickly and reduce the learning curve. 

Then, be sure to bring a few items that will make your hunting experience easier and more fun: the right gear, clothes, and boots for the type of upland hunting you’ll be doing. These things will make you more comfortable in the field and allow you to stay out longer and enjoy your experience even more. 

Lastly, be sure to carry a hunter-orange hat or vest. This will make you more visible in the field and help keep other hunters from spooking your prey. 

While pheasants and sharptail grouse are the most well-known upland birds, there are other species that can be just as exciting and rewarding to pursue. These five birds often fly under the radar for many upland hunters, but they can provide you with a whole new set of hunting adventures and opportunities. 

Upland bird hunting is an amazing experience that young and experienced hunters alike can enjoy. By finding a local guide, obtaining the right equipment, learning safety and regulations, dressing appropriately, and having strong companionship throughout the process, anyone can take part in this traditional activity. With a variety of species to track and great memories to be made, it’s no surprise that bird hunting has been gaining in popularity amongst those looking for a unique outdoor adventure.