What Are the Gloves Called For Bow Hunting? 

Bow hunting gloves can be a great addition to your bowhunting arsenal, enabling you to control your bow better. Whether you’re a traditional archer or a compound bow hunter, it’s important to have a glove that keeps your hands warm and dry. There are many options out there, but here are some of the features that you should look for. 

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The best bowhunting gloves are made from materials that will keep your hands warm, dry, and odor-free. Some of the most common materials used include fleece, nylon, and leather. Each type of material has a different set of advantages. 

Polyester is usually a good choice for insulating gloves, but leather is also durable. Wool is a popular choice for open gloves. However, wool is a bit more difficult to care for than other fabrics, so keep this in mind. 

Most bowhunting gloves are designed to offer a high degree of dexterity. For this reason, many models feature silicone palms to provide a firm grip. If you’re looking for a more versatile option, look for gloves with smart-touch zones. These zones allow you to access your phone or another device without taking off your gloves. 

A full-finger glove is the best for keeping your hands warm. These come in various styles, including open gloves, fingerless gloves, and convertible mittens. You can even get gloves with release holes for compound bows. While these types of gloves are useful, they don’t provide as much protection as other types of gloves. 

Depending on the weather you’ll be hunting in, you’ll need to consider whether your gloves need to be waterproof, windproof, breathable, or moisture-proof. This will determine your best option. 

For colder weather, you may want to invest in a pair of Gore-tex gloves. They have a fleece liner, which provides insulation and breathability. In addition to the insulating properties, they’re durable and easy to wash. 

Camo-patterned hunting gloves are a good way to camouflage your hands and prevent other hunters from seeing your fingers. When choosing a camouflage pattern, choose one that matches the areas you plan to hunt. That way, you’ll have the right camouflage for the area, but not interfere with your shots. 

It’s also important to think about how the bow release is attached. A glove with a velcro wrist strap can be a little loud when pulled, but it’s an easy and quick way to attach your release. Those who prefer tabs have a more secure hold on their release. Tabs aren’t ideal for recurve bows, though. Many target archers opt for these. But for traditional bowhunters, reinforced fingertips and a glove with a bow release opening are essential. 

Regardless of the model you choose, make sure the cuffs and wrist strap are firmly attached to the gloves. This will ensure that your fingers don’t come off during the hunt. And don’t forget to purchase the right size. Just as a pair of jeans or a shirt should fit, a glove should fit your hand.