What Gear Do I Need For Bird Hunting? 

When hunting, no matter the sport you choose, you need to be prepared with all the right gear. If you’re new to the sport, you might not know what you need or where to start. 

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Hunting birds require a lot of equipment and there are plenty of things you can buy that will help you stay safe and comfortable. Here are some of the things that every upland bird hunter should carry with them in the field: 

Hunter Orange, Hats and Shirts 

Most states require hunters to wear a blaze orange hat, jacket, or vest. This makes you visible in the field and can help you stay out of harm’s way when other hunters are around. It’s also helpful for spotting other hunters if you’re walking in tall grass or brush. 

Eye Protection and Glasses 

If you’re shooting your shotgun, be sure to wear ear protection that can withstand the noise of the gun. This helps keep your hearing healthy and reduces the risk of damage from eardrum ruptures or tinnitus. 

The right glasses will help increase your contrast so you can see what’s in the field more clearly. Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose from different styles of shooting glasses. Some of our favorites are yellow-colored glasses, which brighten up the sky to help you spot the birds more easily. 

Besides protecting your eyes, they’re also great for reducing glare from the sun and increasing your visibility to other hunters. You can find a variety of styles and prices at most outdoor sporting goods stores. 

A pair of insulated socks are essential for staying warm. You’ll spend a lot of time in the field and you want to keep your feet warm enough to stay comfortable without getting too hot. A pair of socks with a good grip is also a must, as you may have to stand in some tough mud and grime on your hunt. 

Lightweight shirts and pants are also key for keeping you cool. You won’t be able to hunt very long if you sweat and it can get pretty hot in the field. Look for a lightweight, long-sleeved shirt that’s thorn resistant and has a UPF of 30 or higher to help banish the bright sun rays on a long walk through brush and bushes. 

Gloves are also a must. A pair of leather gloves will protect your hands from scratches and nicks when cactus spines snag your palms. They’ll also save your fingers from catclaw and sandbur. 

Hunting with a buddy is always a fun and exciting way to spend time outdoors. Not only will you be able to share in the experience, but you’ll learn a lot from each other’s mistakes and successes. 

If you have a partner that loves to hunt, be sure to ask them if they’d like to tag along on your next upland trip. They will be a valuable asset as you learn the ins and outs of the sport and can guide you in the right direction when the going gets tough.