How to Choose the Right Bow Weight for Hunting 

Bow weight is one of the most important factors to consider when hunting. You want your bow to perform at its best, and a higher bow weight will do just that. How do you know what the right weight for your hunt is? Here are some tips to help you get started. 

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What is the Purpose of the Bow? 

A bow is a device used to shoot arrows. It has a long, thin tube called the arrow shaft that is attached to the bowstring. The bow can be used for hunting small game and large animals like deer, elk, and moose. The purpose of a bow weight is to affect the arrow’s trajectory so that it will hit its target more accurately. There are three types of bow weights: light, medium, and heavy. 

The lightest bows have a weight of around 20 pounds while the medium and heavy bows have weights between 30 and 50 pounds. When choosing a Bow Weight for Hunting, it is important to consider the purpose of the bow being used as well as your own shooting skills. For instance, if you are only going to hunt small games or take quick shots at targets close up, a lightweight bow might be best suited for you. However, if you are planning on using your bow for long-range hunting or taking part in tournaments where accuracy is important, then a heavier bow might be better suited. 

How to Choose the Right Bow. 

The best bow weight for hunting depends on the type of hunt you are planning to participate in, as well as your own shooting skills. Bow weights range from light to heavy, and can be tailored to fit the needs of different types of targets. 

Some factors you’ll want to consider when choosing a bow weight include the target size you will be targeting, whether you plan on using a crossbow or an air rifle, and your Archery skill level. 

Find the Right Bowshaft Length. 

When selecting a bow shaft length, it’s important to consider how much ammo you will be able to fire before needing to change bows (or purchase a new one). As well, make sure that your chosen bow is compatible with your arrows (e.g., have an arrow type that is compatible with the shaft length). 

Find the Right Bow Type. 

There are many different bow types available on the market today, and it’s important to choose one that is best suited for your individual shooting style and needs. To find out more about each type of bow and what they offer specifically for hunting purposes, check out Archery Supply Co.’s website or speak with a customer service representative at an authorized retailer. 

Find the Right Bow Weight. 

One final factor you’ll want to take into consideration when choosing a bow weight is how much heft you will need when taking aim during hunts. A heavier bow will provide more stability while under fire, which can result in better accuracy and hits per shot. 

What to Look for in a Bow. 

When choosing a bow, you need to look for quality components and materials. These include the bow’s stock, limbs, arrows, and fletching. 

Look for Quantity. 

When looking for bow material, factor in the number of arrows you will be using and the size of your target. Make sure to buy bows that offer a wide variety of arrow weights and lengths to fit your needs. 

Look for the Right Fit. 

Make sure you find a bow that is right for you by looking at the fit (the length, width, and height of the bow), how well it shoots, and how much weight you want to put on it. 


Bow hunting is an important sport, and it’s important to choose the right bow for the job. By looking for quality, quantity, and fit in a bow, you can achieve the best results.