What Is a Good Weight For a Hunting Rifle? 

If you want a rifle that can hit hard and accurately, you’ll want to consider how heavy your rifle is. The right weight depends on your hunting style and your location. Some rifles are much heavier than others, and that can affect your accuracy. 

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For most hunters, a standard hunting rifle weighs between 7.5 and 8.5 pounds without a scope. But some manufacturers offer lighter hunting rifles that only weigh a half-pound or less. In addition to saving a couple of pounds, you can also improve your accuracy by swapping a heavier rifle for one that’s more lightweight. 

One of the biggest factors affecting the weight of your hunting rifle is the barrel. Heavy barrels can make it difficult to handle. They may get too hot, and may not be very accurate. It can take several weeks or even a year for a barrel to cool down. You should avoid heavy barrels if you’re using your hunting rifle for PRS competitions. 

If you hunt on the flatlands, a light-barreled rifle will be a good choice. However, if you hunt in the mountains, it’s probably not a good idea. Also, if you’re going to be hiking for hours, you’ll need to get a rifle that can hit your target. 

Another factor is how wide the grip is. Some shooters prefer a narrow grip, while other shooters like a wide fore-end. You’ll want to have a rifle stock that fits you perfectly, whether you’re standing or sitting. This will help keep the barrel from wobbling. 

The barrel length is a factor as well. A longer barrel can be difficult to fit into a vehicle or hang on a door. On the other hand, a shorter barrel will be easier to transport. Most full-size bolt-action hunting rifles have 22- to 24-inch barrels. 

Rifles that are 6 to 7 pounds are considered light. These are usually designed for use on the trail. Many hunters can shave two pounds off of their load by switching to a lighter rifle. Adding a scope can add another 1-2 pounds. 

If you plan on shooting from the field, a heavier rifle will help you manage recoil. Lighter barrels may also give you trouble with gutting knives. Even though some shooters don’t bother with the barrel, you should consider its size. 

Depending on the caliber and model, a hunting rifle can range from eight pounds to ten pounds. Some of the lighter hunting rifles are actually quite accurate. Just make sure you choose a gun with a barrel that’s short enough for you to carry comfortably. Using a heavy rifle can also reduce your chances of hitting a tree or tag. 

An 8-pounder can be a good choice for hunting on the trail. It’s not as accurate as a 10-pounder, but it’s not too heavy for most hunters. 

There are many great rifles to choose from, and you can cut a few pounds off your kit by switching to a lighter, more compact version.  As long as you don’t use your rifle for PRS competitions, a 6-pounder is a fine hunting rifle.