What is the Perfect Kill Shot For Bow Hunting? 

In the world of archery, there are a few angles and shots that have been proven to be effective for both bowhunters and rifle hunters. These are the broadside shot, quartering-away shot, and frontal shot. 

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Having a good understanding of the anatomy of the deer you are hunting is essential when deciding which shot angle to use. It is also a good idea to practice shooting multiple arrows to keep your form consistent and your muscles lose before you head out on the field. 

Broadside Shot 

The broadside shot is arguably the best and most popular shot angle for bowhunters. It provides the largest target area to strike vital organs, and the arrow will usually penetrate all the way through the chest cavity. 

It is important to aim at a point about one-third of the way up the deer’s body, behind the shoulder bone. This will expose the heart and lungs and give you a great chance of killing your target quickly and humanely. 

This angle can be used from ground level or from a treestand. However, the shot can be tricky if you are using a bow that is not well suited for this situation. 

Aiming for the lungs and heart with the broadside shot can be tricky. You may hit the heart, but not penetrate deeply enough to take out the lungs. This can lead to a dead buck or one that dies of internal bleeding. 

If you are unsure where to aim, you can always try aiming at the front of the deer’s leg or even the side of its scapula. This will expose the lungs and heart and give you a better shot angle for your broadside shot. 

Straight-on shots are a great choice for bowhunters who have the patience to wait out a buck’s movement and calm nature. They often have a high probability of putting the deer down but are not the most practical for new hunters. 


The quartering-away shot is an angle that many bowhunters don’t think about, but it can be a great way to kill a big game animal. It will allow you to get within range of the heart-lung area, and if your arrow drifts just a little bit back toward the midsection it will still be within range of the liver. 

It is a risky shot that requires a good understanding of the deer’s anatomy and a confident shot placement. It is a difficult shot to make, and if you are an inexperienced bow hunter, it is not a recommended shot. 

You must be extremely accurate to make the broadside shot work properly. If you misplace your arrow, it can result in a “gut shot.” This is a shot to the stomach and intestines that will not only kill the deer but will also be very difficult to track. 

The quartering-away shot is a great choice for bowhunters because it allows you to get within range of the heart-lung and liver areas, but it is not an ethical shot for both bowhunters and rifle hunters. It has a high risk of damaging the front shoulder meat and doing substantial damage to the guts, which can spoil the meat for the hunter.