What is the Fastest Hunting Bow on the Market? 

The IBO rating does not take into account the added accessories, which will affect the speed of the arrow. Speed and the weight of the arrow both influence the power of the hit when it impacts. For instance, a heavier arrow will penetrate the meat more easily than a light one. Considering these two factors, it is essential to choose a hunting bow with high-speed capabilities. This article will discuss the features of some of the most popular bows available today. 

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Realm SR6 

The Realm SR6 is the fastest model of the Realm series. Its OverDrive Binary Cam System improves the speed and smoothness of the draw. Moreover, the bow is built on an ultra-stable and balanced platform. Its slim and angled grip provides a smooth and safe shooting experience. Moreover, you can choose between Black and Flat Dark Earth finishes, and Kryptek Altitude and Mossy Oak Country Roots colors. 

PSE Surge 

The PSE Surge is a powerful, reliable hunting bow with a fast draw and 320 fps speed at 30 inches. It uses 425 grain arrows and can be drawn back from 20 to 30 inches. This bow is capable of taking down many game species in North America and Africa. The 320 fps speed means the arrow hits its target as soon as it leaves the bow. 

Bowtech SR350 

The SR350 is arguably the fastest hunting bow on the market, and is perfect for those who want to maximize their speed while still being comfortable while shooting. This bow comes with two different draw settings, Comfort and Performance, which can be used for different purposes. In fact, the Comfort setting is ideal for 3-D archery, while the Performance setting produces a flatter trajectory and higher arrow speeds. 

Diamond Carbon Cure 

The Diamond Carbon Cure is a fast compound hunting bow, with a 325 fps IBO speed. With the right draw length, you can shoot at speeds of up to 350 fps. It is adjustable by ten pounds down from the peak draw weight. It comes in two options, a RAK package and a ready-to-hunt package. Both options have the same features and come in the same price range. 

PSE Xpedite NXT 

PSE has been making the ultimate speed and performance bows for a while now. The X-Force and PSE Xpedite series are all known for their performance and speed. The 2018 PSE Xpedite is no exception, boasting a top speed of 360 feet per second with fast modules. However, the bow still shoots at a 352 fps with the high-let off module. 


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