What Pound Trigger For a Hunting Rifle 

If you want to hunt successfully, it’s important to choose a rifle that meets your needs. This includes a trigger that will perform well in your hand and on the field, ensuring you are able to make shots on a game that you can be proud of. 

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The trigger is one of the most important parts of your hunting rifle, and it has several important functions. The first is safety. A trigger with too light of a pull can result in an accidental discharge, and a too heavy trigger can cause the gun to move during firing, decreasing accuracy. 

Secondly, a good pound trigger makes it easier to shoot from any position in the field or from your own hind legs, regardless of your shooting style. It also makes it easier to adjust to the challenges of the field, such as a cold or wet day or your own personal hand strength level. 

Another function is to provide a predictable, repeatable trigger pull, which many competition shooters demand. If you’ve ever fired a gun from a bench rest, you’ll understand how important this is to performance. 

To achieve this, you need a quality trigger with a single stage. This type of trigger has no movement before releasing at its set weight, and when you fire the rifle, it moves only enough rearward to release the sear. The feel of a perfect single-stage trigger is often compared to that of breaking glass rods. 

Most of the guns that are sold today are equipped with triggers that do not have a single stage. These are called tamper-proof triggers, and they’re designed to be safe from accidental discharges, which can be an issue when you are not careful with your shot placement. 

There are three different types of triggers that you can choose from, and the one you choose should be determined by your own preferences. You can go with a standard or spring-style trigger, or you can select an aftermarket trigger with a custom-built spring that allows you to set your desired trigger weight. 

A quality single-stage trigger should be about 2 to 3 pounds, depending on the type of firearm you are using and your own hand strength level. For most shooters, this is enough to be comfortable with. 

Some hunters who are more aggressive, such as hunters in the field or in competitions, may need a heavier pull weight to ensure their trigger pull is consistent and reliable. Having a strong and reliable single-stage trigger will help you to stay focused on the goal of your hunt, which is to make an ethical kill. 

A good-pound trigger can be more expensive than an average one, but it is worth the investment to be sure you are getting a quality gun that will perform to your expectations. If you don’t have the money to spend on a new hunting rifle, you can always turn to an aftermarket trigger manufacturer for the best deal and quality.