What Pound Trigger For Hunting Rifle? 

The trigger is one of the most important parts of a hunting rifle. You want it to perform well in a variety of conditions. It needs to be reliable, easy to manipulate, and safe to use. You also want it to be accurate. 

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Triggers come in different shapes and sizes, and many have features that make them unique from each other. Some, such as a spring-less trigger, are easier to manipulate than others. In addition, some triggers have features that may enhance accuracy or prevent accidents. 

How to Measure the Trigger Pull Weight 

The first step is to determine how much weight you need to activate the trigger to fire your rifle. There are several ways to do this, including standard trigger weights, a spring gauge, or a digital tester. 

A spring-style trigger-pull gauge is like the ones used by fishermen, allowing you to hang weights from the trigger and increase them until the trigger is activated. These devices are easy to read, and a good-quality tester will give you accurate readings. 

Using a spring-style trigger-pull gauge is a good way to ensure that you have the right trigger-pull weight on your hunting rifle. This is because a trigger pull that is too light will cause the gun to move during firing, and a trigger pull that is too heavy can lead to an accidental discharge. 

If you have a new rifle and you don’t know how to measure the trigger-pull weight, consider checking the owner’s manual. Some models have an adjustable trigger, so you can change the trigger pull to suit your preference. 

Two-stage triggers are often better than single-stage ones for precision shooting, particularly when the sear is pushed through a long and smooth pull. This can be difficult to do on a single-stage trigger, as it will feel creepy and draggy. 

But two-stage triggers are easy to manipulate, especially if you have a relaxed grip. They are also very clean when they break, which means that there will be minimal sear movement after the sear is released. 

The best two-stage triggers for precision shooting are those that allow you to adjust the pull weight and sear engagement point. These triggers are easy to use, and they will reduce the risk of a broken trigger, which can be dangerous if it’s not properly set. 

Jewell is a company that makes precision-grade triggers for the Benchrest, hunting, and tactical competition markets. Their triggers are based on a patented ball-bearing system, and they have a two-stage trigger that is popular among these top shooters. 

Huber Concepts is another manufacturer that offers triggers for both the Benchrest and hunting markets. Their patented design allows the trigger to be adjusted in terms of sear engagement and overtravel without having to remove the action from the stock. They’re a bit more expensive than some of the other triggers on this list, but they are highly adjustable and work well for both competition and precision shooting.