What Should I Wear For Bow Hunting? 

Getting the right clothing for bow hunting is critical to your success. You need clothing that makes less noise than you would for firearm hunting, is breathable, and fits properly so you can move with ease. You also need clothing that is waterproof, insulated, and comfortable, so you can hunt for extended periods of time without feeling uncomfortable or restless. 

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How Should I Dress For Bow Hunting In Cold Weather? 

Probably the biggest mistake many bowhunters make is thinking they can get away with wearing cotton camouflage T-shirts and pants. The reality is that cotton dries slowly, so it does a poor job of wicking sweat away from your skin and keeping you warm. That’s why so many hunters wear a system of layers to keep their bodies at a more comfortable temperature. 

For example, a base layer that fits tight to your body like thermal underwear is a great choice. Then you can add a hooded sweatshirt, jacket, or vest to help retain your body heat. You can even add a pair of gloves or rain gear as needed for different types of weather. 

Galoshes are an excellent addition to your bowhunting wardrobe for the upcoming winter season as well. These insulated boots protect your feet from the elements as you hike through muddy or frozen ground, wade through creeks, or slog through dew-soaked grass. They also work as a good barrier against ice and snow for when it’s especially cold. 

A hat is also an essential piece of equipment for bowhunting in cold weather. Depending on where you are hunting, you might be required to wear an orange hat and vest. However, if you don’t have to, a normal hat will do just fine. 

What Should I Wear For Bow Hunting in Early Autumn? 

If you’re planning to hunt in early autumn, you’ll want to wear a lightweight hat that will protect your face and eyes from the sun. You may also need a heavier coat and gloves to keep you warm during your hunt. 

You might also need to wear a long-sleeved shirt and jacket in order to keep your body warm. A billed hat is especially important because it can shield your eyes from the blinding sunrise or sunset. 

The correct gear is just as important as a quality bow and arrows when it comes to successfully pursuing a game. You should invest in a recurve bow, compound bow, or crossbow that you can use while you’re out on the ground. A recurve bow is more accurate than a gun or crossbow, so it’s essential to be able to accurately draw and shoot your chosen bow. 

Low Noise: Wool and brushed cotton minimize fabric rustling and help you remain motionless while you’re bowhunting. New soft-nap synthetic fabrics are also a good choice for those who prefer a more silent, breathable hunter’s outfit. 

Proper Fit: A recurve bow is a lot easier to use when you have proper-fit clothing that allows you to draw and shoot freely. Clothes that are too loose or too tight can catch a bowstring and prevent you from releasing the bow properly.