6 Things You Should Do Before Going Bow Hunting 

Whether you’re planning to hunt for the first time or have been bow hunting for years, it’s always good to take some time to prepare yourself. This will ensure you’re ready to take a great shot when the time comes. 

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Here are a few things you can do before going bow hunting: 

Get Your License

The first thing to do is to get your hunting license. This is important so that you aren’t caught breaking any laws or regulations. It also gives you peace of mind when you’re out in the field, as you know that you’ll be safe.

Scout Your Hunt Area 

Once you’ve got your license, it’s time to start scouting for your next hunting area. This could mean hiking the property or talking to people who know the area well. The key is to find areas that will be productive for your specific species. 

Buy a Bow 

It’s important to buy a bow that is the right size for you and that fits your body shape and shooting style. This will allow you to draw with ease and shoot accurately. It’s also a good idea to make sure that the bow you purchase has plenty of power so that you don’t have any issues when you try to shoot. 

Choose Your Arrows 

If you’re going to be bow hunting, it’s a good idea to buy a few different arrows for different purposes. For example, if you want to use your bow for target shooting, you’ll need a lighter arrow that is less powerful than the ones used for hunting. 

Practice Your Shooting Form 

Many beginners have shooting form issues when they first start bowhunting, which can lead to inaccurate shots and poor shot placement. To improve your bow shooting form, practice holding a target and aiming with your eyes closed. This can help you avoid the common problem of trying to hold the bow while you aim with your hands. 

Focus on Scent Control 

Deer have a strong sense of smell, which is why it’s so important to stay hidden during your hunt. You can try to reduce your scent by showering with scent control soap a week before the hunt, wearing activated carbon clothing, and using sprays that reduce scent. 

Be Quiet 

One of the most important bowhunting tips is to be quiet when you are in your stand. This will prevent you from scaring off your target, and it can also make it easier for you to see them when you shoot. 

Know the Weather Conditions 

Having good weather is a huge advantage when it comes to hunting. If the weather is bad, it can make it hard to locate your target. In addition, you might be uncomfortable if it’s hot or cold.

Bring Cordage and Pull Your Bow Up Once You Get into the Stand

Unlike rifle hunters, bowhunters usually have to go through thick brush to reach their stands. This can be a challenging aspect of the sport, but with the right cordage, you’ll be able to navigate your way through it.