What Type Of Rifle To Use For Cape Turtle Dove Hunting? 

Doves are small, swift birds that can be a challenge to shoot. They can fly at 40 to 55 miles per hour. Most hunters hunt doves from 25 to 35 yards. Typical shot sizes range from 6s to 9s. However, the most common size is 7.5s. 

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Doves can be hunted throughout the year. The shortest season is during summer, although you can also shoot them in winter. You’ll have to make sure to shoot doves with the proper wing shooting gun. 

A dove is a fine sporting bird. There are several species to choose from, including the Laughing Dove, Cape Turtle Dove, and Rock Pigeon. Depending on the region, you can find doves in the fields and on the edges of a forest. While it’s not as common to hunt doves in the United States, they are popularly hunted in Africa. 

You’ll want to check the local laws and regulations before you go. Some African countries charge significantly more, while others do not. Other than that, there is no special hunting permit required to shoot doves. Usually, you have to pay a trophy fee if you shoot one. 

The best time to shoot doves is early in the morning. If you plan to hunt during the winter months, wear warm clothing. Also, avoid shooting the same day as other games, such as geese. 

If you’re a novice, then it’s a good idea to sight in your rifle. In general, shotshells should be as small as possible. This will give you more impact on your doves. For larger-bodied animals, you’ll probably want to use a larger-sized rifle. 

When it comes to shotguns, most people prefer autoloaders. Alternatively, you can use pump action. A pump action will be heavier, but it will provide a more balanced swing and better control. You should also consider buying a shotgun with an improved cylinder choke, which allows you to control the flare of pellets. 

If you are a skilled wing shooter, you can expect to see 15 to 40 doves during a late afternoon shoot. It’s a great way to test the ability of your shotgun. 

It’s also possible to take a pigeon shoot during the same safari. These are often combined with plains game hunting. To get the most out of this type of safari, you’ll need to spend some time on off-season training. 

One of the most popular doves is the Cape Turtle Dove. You’ll find this bird in large numbers in southern Africa. Although it’s found in many regions of Africa, its range is narrowest in the south. Their plumage is highly variable. 

Cape Turtle Doves are known to create their own nests in dense foliage. They also forage on the ground for seeds and succulent leaves. Often called the “half-collared dove” because of its black collar, the bird is known for its vocalizations, which sound like “work HAR-der!” 

During the main autumn passage, hunters at traditional stopover sites will be the most active. They will wait for doves near feeding areas, travel corridors, and recent crops.