What Type Of Rifle To Use For Double Banded Sand Grouse Hunting? 

The Double Banded Sandgrouse is a ground-living bird that is found in Africa. This particular species is common in both arid and semi-arid parts of southern Africa. It lives in gravelly surfaces, tracks, and dry grassy areas. They are typically nocturnal but can be seen during the day. Their plump breasts and rounded tails make them easy to spot. 

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They are extremely fast and agile birds that are easily able to fly. Generally, they are hunted by using a gun. Several different kinds of guns are used for this purpose. Most grouse hunters prefer lighter guns that can be carried easily. A great grouse gun is the Winchester Model 42. However, there are many other good grouse guns, especially those with side-by-side barrels and 30-inch barrels. 

Ruffed grouse are the most difficult birds to shoot. This is largely due to the fact that they react very quickly to the sound of the bird. It also means that the hunter will often have to shoot from an awkward angle. Even so, they are some of the most interesting game birds to hunt. 

Another type of grouse is the Namaqua sandgrouse. These are also found in South African countries. During the mid-morning, they are often seen flying over the water. In the afternoon, they can be seen flying around at irregular angles. 

Other types of sand grouse include Burchell’s sand grouse. These birds are known for their recurrence at specific water holes. Often these birds are shot in the mornings. During the late afternoon, they are hunted at the same water hole. There are many other quarries that are used for shooting, including Spurwing Geese, Helmeted Guineafowl, and Red-Belled Teal. 

Many hunters who visit Africa will take a wing shooting safari. These types of trips will cost roughly $450 a person. They are designed for two to four people and include all the birds that are shot. Unlike other wing shooting safaris, they will not include plains game hunting. Typically they will include a mix of upland, waterfowl, and pigeon hunting. Depending on the location of the safari, you may be able to shoot some other species as well. 

Ruffed grouse are very difficult to shoot, but they are also very rewarding. The best grouse gun is one that will instinctively go into action and swing its way to the target. Also, a good grouse gun will allow you to hit several birds in a single shoot. 

Some of the better grouse guns include those that have 26-28 inch barrels. However, they are rare and often are not found in many hunting camps. Alternatively, a 16-gauge pump that is paired with two to four 26-inch barrels is also an excellent choice. 

Although it can be hard to decide what kind of bird to shoot, the sandgrouse can be a challenge. A good shot should be able to shoot 15 to 40 of these birds in a single shoot. 

As with any other type of hunting, the success of a wing shooting safari depends on the amount of time spent at the waterhole. Usually, the best wing shooting season in Africa is from July to October.