When Does Deer Bow Hunting Start in Namibia? 

The trophy-hunting season in Namibia opens on the first of February and ends on the last day of November. Hunting in Namibia is good year-round, but the months of February and March are particularly beautiful. During this time, the country is covered in millions of tiny pastel-colored wildflowers. The vegetation is full of new life, including baby animals. There is also an abundance of bird life and huge mushrooms called Omajoba. However, these two months are not ideal for looking for elephants. 

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South African deer hunting is lucrative 

South African deer bow hunting is an exciting and lucrative activity that can lead to the trophy animal of your dreams. While Asian countries are battling illegal ivory trade and elephant poaching, South Africa has a thriving tourism industry that allows people to hunt big game animals. While some object to the idea of hunting these animals, others believe it brings in an income that can be used to support wildlife conservation efforts. In addition, trophy hunters can also collect trophies for their trophy rack, which could include anything from a cup to a small statue. 

It is legal in Namibia 

Namibia is a good place to hunt with a bow, and there are several opportunities available to hunters who wish to pursue trophies. The country is renowned for the high population of plains game and the diverse range of African trophy species. Its climate and terrain allow hunters to enjoy hunting year-round. June through mid-October are the driest months for trophy hunting in Namibia. 

It is a family tradition 

Deer bow hunting is a Namibian tradition that dates back several generations. In Namibia, this hunting activity is highly regarded. It is a wonderful way to spend quality time together with family and friends. The hunts are carried out by qualified Namibian Professional Hunters, who provide excellent service. They are knowledgeable and have fantastic stories to tell. 

It is peaceful 

Namibia offers some of the best hunting opportunities in the world. Bow hunting has a long history in Namibia, where Kalahari Bushmen traditionally used poisoned arrows to hunt their prey. Today, bow hunting is legal in Namibia, and the country is renowned for its ethical and sustainable hunting laws. 

It is exciting 

Namibia offers the most exciting deer bow hunting in the world. The country’s tradition of bow hunting dates back to the days of the Kalahari Bushmen. In the early 1900s, Namibia’s laws were changed to allow bow hunting and now hunters can enjoy the thrill of this sport. 

The History of Deer Bow Hunting in Namibia.

Deer bow hunting was used for hunting game animals before the invention of the deer bow. The first bows were made from reed and arrow shafts, and these arrows were used for hunting elephants, lions, and other larger prey.

What You Need to Do to Hunt deer in Namibia.

To hunt deer with a bow, you will need some basic supplies like an arrow, a quiver, and a hunting knife. You will also need some practice arrows and should be able to shoot at least 50 yards before trying to take down a deer. When hunting from cover, always be aware of your surroundings and plan your shots accordingly. Finally, always be safe while hunting and use common sense when dealing with animals!