When Does the Bow Hunting Season Start in Namibia? 

Before hunting in Namibia, it is important to obtain a hunting permit. This permit must be clearly marked with the words “Bow Hunting” at the top of the page. In Namibia, a regular trophy hunting permit allows a hunter to take up to two animals per species per year. The permits must be checked before the hunt. A hunter may also use a crossbow, but it is not permitted. 

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Game animals to be hunted in Namibia 

There is no set hunting season in Namibia. There are some restrictions and regulations. You cannot take more than two animals of the same species. You also need a permit to import trophies from Namibia. These can be obtained through an outfitter. It is a good idea to contact your outfitter for information regarding the trophy hunting regulations. 

Namibia is one of the safest countries in Africa and has proper legislation in place to protect the environment. The Ministry of Environment and Tourism works with the Namibia Professional Hunters Association (NAPHA) to ensure that only legal trophy-hunting practices are used. Make sure you are hunting with a NAPHA member. 

Permits required for bow hunting in Namibia 

The early season is a great time to go bow hunting in Namibia. It is important to prepare your bow and broadheads in advance. If you are unfamiliar with the techniques, you can hire an outfit that is specialized in this type of hunting. There are also no permits required to hunt in Namibia. 

A licensed hunting outfitter will organize the bow hunting permits for you. The permits must state ‘Bow Hunting’ at the top. In Namibia, hunters may only take two animals per species per year. In addition, they cannot use crossbows or dangerous game bow hunting. 

Ammunition used for bow hunting in Namibia 

If you are planning on bow hunting in Namibia, you should know that there are certain laws regarding the ammunition used. For instance, you cannot bring more than 100 rounds of ammunition for a single rifle, and you must always load the gun with ammunition of the right caliber. You also cannot transport any black powder or percussion caps to Namibia. On the other hand, black powder cartridges are legal for hunting in Namibia. 

Namibia is known as one of the safest hunting countries in Africa. The country has strict legislation regarding natural resources management, and the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and the Namibia Professional Hunters Association works to ensure that only legal trophy hunting practices are followed. For these reasons, it is advisable to hunt in Namibia with a member of NAPHA.