When Does the Hunting Season Begin? 

If you are wondering “When Does the Hunting Season Begin?” there are a few answers that you can find online. These answers include the dates for each state’s hunting seasons, bag limits, license requirements, and more. You can also find useful links to further inform yourself about the seasons. 

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In Ohio 

In Ohio, the hunting season opens on Sept. 1. Bucks, deer, and squirrels are all legal game. Bucks can only be taken once per season, while deer can be taken as many as six times during the season. Bucks, deer, and squirrels are found in woods and forests with oak and beech trees, but waterfowl can also be taken on land or from boats. 

Hunters should double-bag deer carcasses to reduce the risk of disease transmission. High-risk parts include the brain, spinal cord, eyes, and lymphoid tissues. The Division of Wildlife requires proof of ownership for nonresident and motor vehicle-killed deer. This document can be issued by a law enforcement officer or a wildlife official. However, shed antlers are not subject to proof of ownership. 

Ohio’s wildlife department is closely monitoring the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease. Earlier this year, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources confirmed the presence of the disease in several counties in the state. The disease affects white-tailed deer and is deadly. 

In West Virginia 

West Virginia has several hunting seasons. Some are over the entire year, while others are limited to a few months. The state’s Division of Natural Resources provides information on each season and the kinds of animals that are available for harvest. If you want to know more about hunting in West Virginia, check out their website. 

There are strict regulations regarding hunting in West Virginia. These rules affect the time of day you can go hunting and if you can sell or transport your game. You should follow these regulations and hunt responsibly. You must also check with the WVDNR to make sure that you are not breaking any laws. 

West Virginia offers several big game hunting seasons. The state is home to more than 350,000 hunters. The state considers hunting a major economic booster. According to the state’s Department of Natural Resources, the state’s hunting industry generates approximately $270 million in revenue every year. 

In Texas 

Hunting season is an important part of Texas culture. The state has a rich history of hunting, and its seasons differ for different species. Turkey and dove hunting seasons are between September and January. Both of these seasons have specific regulations. Hunters on public lands must wear 400 square inches of daylight fluorescent orange clothing. 

Hunters can check Texas Parks and Wildlife’s hunting and fishing regulations for the dates and times of each season. You can also check with your local Texas Parks and Wildlife office for information on your region. In addition to regulating hunting and fishing seasons, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department also provides hunting and fishing supplies and dates. 

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has not made many changes this year, but hunters should be aware of the existing rules. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s outdoor annual guide is a great reference for the latest rules and regulations. It also lists the hunting seasons by county. Additionally, mandatory check stations have been added in Van Zandt and Kaufman counties.