Namibia Hunting Season Ends: How to Enjoy the Final few weeks of hunting season legally and safely!

If you’re looking to hunt in Namibia during the final few weeks of the hunting season, be sure to follow these simple steps! By following these guidelines, you can enjoy the game legally and safely, without getting into any trouble. Hunting season in Namibia begins on October 1st and ends on December 15th.

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Namibia Hunting Season is Ending

The Namibia Hunting Season is ending on December 5th. The hunting season runs from October 1st to December 5th. During this time, the country is closed to hunting, and all game must be brought in by legal means.

What is the Hunting Protocol?

The hunting protocol for Namibia specifies how you must hunt during the final few weeks of the Hunting Season.

You must follow the guidelines set out by the government and military for hunting games in Namibia. These regulations are designed to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience while hunting in Namibia.

How to Enjoy the Final few weeks of the Hunting Season legally and safely?

There are a few ways you can enjoy the final few weeks of the Hunting Season legally and safely:

-You can buy or borrow firearms from your dealer or gunsmith, before taking them home for use during your stay in Namibia

-Can attend hunter education classes offered by local Authorities

-You can participate in safari drives organized by local authorities, with an eye towards helping hunters achieve their target animals

-Can take part in patriotic ceremonies organized by local authorities, which may include shooting unarmed game at night

-You can check hunting regulations at the local Embassy or consulate before departure to ensure that you are following the correct procedures.

How to Safely Hunt Namibia?

Hunters must follow the hunting protocol set out by the Namibia Department of State Security. This includes wearing a safety belt, carrying an extra supply of food and water, and using a licensed and registered hunting guide.

Know the Regulations

The regulations that apply to hunting in Namibia are very specific. You must be aware of them in order to safe hunt this country safely. The following regulations should be followed:

-You must wear a safety belt while hunting, as it can protect you from injury or death

-Must carry an extra supply of food and water during your hunt, as there may be times when you will need to stop for sustenance

-You should use a licensed and registered hunting guide, as they will have years of experience guiding you safely through the game

-If you encounter any animal which is not listed on the Hunting Protocol, do not attempt to shoot it – instead report it to the police!

Tips for Safe Hunting in Namibia

In Namibia, hunting is allowed for game animals such as antelopes, impala, lions, and buffalo.

The game regulations in Namibia are very strict, and it is important to follow the rules carefully if you want to enjoy safe and legal hunting experiences.

To ensure your hunt is conducted safely and lawfully, be sure to read the game regulations carefully before arrival. For example, you should know that:

– Antelopes must be killed with a tranquilizer dart.
– Game must be hunted at night in quiet areas.
– Use a lighted hunting rifle to avoid attracting attention.
– Use a game camera for photos or videos of trophy animals.
Namibia Hunting Season is coming to an end, but there are still many activities you can do to enjoy the final few weeks of the season legally and safely.
Follow the hunting protocol and use a licensed and registered hunting guide to hunt in a Protected Area. Use a lighted rifle to hunt game in Quiet Areas, use a game camera for photos and videos, and be aware of the Game Regulations to ensure you stay safe while hunting in Namibia.