How to Know Where to Aim When Hunting Bird With a Bow 

When hunting a bird with a bow, knowing where to aim can make all the difference between a successful shot and an unrewarding hunt. The location of vital organs, such as the heart and lungs, will determine where you place your arrow to kill the bird. The location of the lungs may require you to strike through bone, while the position of the heart can result in a softer, more difficult target. 

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The stance of a turkey can also determine where to aim, as certain positions offer unique opportunities for a good shot. A strutting turkey, for example, exposes the entire spine and is one of the best shots to take. In this stance, you can place your arrow at the base of the turkey’s fan and drive it straight into the chest cavity. 

If you’re a novice archer, this is the area where you want to start aiming because it presents the largest target area. This shot will also probably sever the turkey’s spine if the arrow is properly placed. 

A cocked shot is another angle that can provide a good chance of hitting the vital organs. This is particularly helpful for hunters who haven’t used a bow before because it offers more range and can allow them to draw back their bow and resight in. 

The quartering-forward angle affords a great opportunity to hit the vital organs of a turkey, but it can create additional shoulder bones for the arrow to penetrate. In addition, the animal’s body may be moving, making it harder for you to take a clean shot. 

Using a decoy to help you locate the turkey’s vitals is a great way to ensure you can get close enough for an effective shot. If you don’t have a decoy, try to use the turkey’s head and tail feathers as a guide. 

If the turkey is a nervous, jumpy bird, you should wait for it to get into a more accessible pose before trying to shoot. This can be a challenge because the bird’s feathers are bristly, making it hard to determine where the vitals are located. 

You can also practice your shot from different positions before going out on a hunt. For instance, you can practice from your knees, seated, or even to your far right. This can also help you work on your form and adjust your sights before going out into the woods for real hunting. 

This is the most important part of bowhunting, so make sure you know how to shoot correctly before venturing out into the field. There are a few common mistakes that can cost you a shot, and it’s up to you to avoid them. 

The first step to mastering the art of a bow hunt is practicing, and it doesn’t matter what kind of hunting you do, it is essential to be consistent. You should always practice on 3-D targets before venturing out to the field, as this can help you develop your shooting techniques and learn where your arrow needs to go. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you can start venturing out into the field on a regular basis!