Which Rifle For Hunting Small Game is the Best? 

If you’re planning on hunting small game, you need to know which rifle is the best. There are several choices, including the Hatsan 135 QE, Bear River TPR Hunting, Lever Action Magnum Express, Diana Chaser, and more. To help you make the best decision, we’ve outlined some important features and pros and cons of these rifles. 

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Hatsan 135 QE 

If you’re looking for a new rifle for hunting small game, consider the Hatsan 135 QE rifle. This air rifle is very reliable and has a great look. It also features a break barrel and ambidextrous Turkish walnut stock. This rifle is also easy to control and lightweight. 

This rifle has a high rate of accuracy. It can shoot up to 60 pallets with a single fill of its gas tank. Its suppressed design reduces noise levels and makes it ideal for pest control and hunting. Its suppressor also means that it does not need to be regulated by a 3 letter organization. Moreover, it is ideal for landowners who want to use it on their property but don’t want to disturb their livestock. 

Bear River TPR Hunting 

The Bear River TPR hunting rifle for the small game offers an impressive set of features, including a high-grade fluted steel barrel, a one-magnification scope, and a 6″ Picatinny rail. This air rifle also fires a 0.177-caliber projectile, which gives it a better range than larger air guns. 

The Bear River TPR 1300 Suppressed Hunting Air Rifle uses compressed air to fire pellets. It features a scope and silencer, and it is incredibly accurate. 

Lever Action Magnum Express 

The Henry Repeating Arms Magnum Express rifle is a great choice for hunting small game. It is comfortable to shoot and features a top-quality optics line. It is also very reliable and attractive and is made entirely in the United States. I tested one of these rifles in the field for over 100 rounds without any problems, and I’m very impressed with its performance. 

The Lever Action Magnum Express rifle is designed for hunting small game and has an excellent design that makes it ideal for using magnified optics. Its comb raises the cheek for a natural shooting position, and its receiver cover features a Picatinny rail for mounting a scope. It also has an ergonomically-designed buttstock that is shaped like a Monte Carlo. Its buttstock is constructed from American walnut wood. 

Diana Chaser 

If you’re looking for a lightweight airgun that can do the job of a rifle and pistol, the Diana Chaser Rifle Kit is an excellent choice. This lightweight airgun is designed for indoor plinking or outdoor target shooting, and it’s powered by a single 12-gram CO2 cartridge. It features a fully adjustable rear sight and a fixed front sight blade. It also has a one-piece modular platform, allowing you to change between a pistol and a rifle trigger time. 

The Diana Chaser’s rifle is designed for small game hunting. The Diana AR8 N-TEC features a two-stage T06 trigger and adjustable front and rear sights. The rifle also has an 11-mm dovetail rail for mounting scopes.