Hunting Safaris in Namibia 

Located in Africa, Namibia is the second-least densely populated country in the world. Its land is composed of vast savannah biomes with an abundance of game. The country has several national parks, as well as conservancies, which cover approximately 14% of its surface area. Several species of animals are found in Namibia, including the Oryx, which is the national animal of Namibia. 

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Namibia is home to many different kinds of terrain, from dense thorny savannah to vast semi-desert plains. The terrain can be quite challenging in some areas. Its climate is warm and dry in the summers, and rainy in the winters. Its temperatures can range from 25deg F to 15deg C. 

The hunting season in Namibia runs from February through November. The big five are hunted on a limited basis. The leopard is restricted to northern Namibia. 

Professional hunters are very experienced and they are highly trained to guide the hunters on their safaris. They are also trained to teach their clients about the ethical practices of hunting. These hunters also assist hunters in getting their rifles cleared through Customs. 

Hunters Namibia Safaris is a highly acclaimed Namibia luxury hunting safari company that has an excellent reputation for offering safari services. Its professional hunters are also knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and they have a large fleet of late-model vehicles to accommodate hunters’ needs. They are also dangerous game certified and have many years of experience in hunting dangerous games. They are also enthusiastic about teaching beginners. 

The family is passionate about Africa and its wildlife, and they are actively involved with the Namibian government at every level. Their dedication to wildlife is evident in every aspect of their operation. The family is active in the Namibia Professional Hunting Association, and they actively participate in conservation efforts. 

Namibia’s game laws are strictly adhered to. The law allows two trophy animals per species. They also allow hunters to bring more than one rifle. They can also bring 100 rounds of ammunition per firearm. They are not allowed to use crossbows or automatic firearms. 

Most hunting in Namibia takes place on private game ranches. These ranches are managed by individuals or professional hunting outfits. They also allow hunting from vehicles. They are also very affordable, making them a popular destination for hunting safaris. They also offer deep-sea fishing. They also have a pharmacy on-call system, so hunters don’t have to worry about purchasing their prescriptions. 

The family also has a passion for teaching beginners, and they are enthusiastic and patient, and they have a large fleet of late-model vehicles to accommodate hunters’ needs. They are also highly trained and dangerous game certified. They are also enthusiastic about teaching their clients about the ethical practices of hunting. 

Namibia’s trophy hunting is considered to be ethical and sustainable, with good management of wildlife resources. The country has a long history of trophy hunting. Many international hunters come to Namibia each year. In 2010, Lonely Planet listed it as the fifth-best tourist destination in the world.