Burchell Wolf Hunting Safaris 

If you’re looking for an unforgettable wolf hunting adventure, you’ve come to the right place. Burchell-Wolf Safaris welcomes hunters of all levels, and its diverse range of terrain features four native antelope species and open savannahs. You can even hunt the mountain zebra and Burchell’s zebras on this ranch, which is one of the best places in Namibia to hunt these enchanting animals. 

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It offers guided wolf hunting safaris 

A Burchell wolves hunting safari can take you to remote areas in Namibia where wolves can be spotted in the wild. The most common time to go on a guided hunt is in winter, when the wolves are most vulnerable to hunters. The wolves are most vulnerable to hunters in the late winter because there isn’t much food to eat and the snow limits their mobility. December and November are the most popular times to hunt wolves. 

It promotes ethical hunting 

If you’re interested in hunting African wildlife, consider a Burchell Wolf hunting safari. This outfit is registered with the Namibia Professional Hunting Association and promotes ethical hunting in Namibia. The company’s hunts are safe and responsible, with guests staying in authentic classic tented camps that are characterized by fine hospitality. Guests may also join game safaris to Etosha National Park, organized by the safari company’s owners. 

It is registered with the Namibia Professional Hunting Association 

The Burchell Wolf hunting safaris are registered in Namibia with the Namibia Professional Hunters Association. They are proud to practice ethical hunting and are actively involved in the conservation efforts of the Etosha National Park. The Safaris offer authentic classic tented camp accommodation and fine hospitality. The owners of the Burchell Wolf hunting safaris can also arrange game safaris to Etosha National Park. The safaris are located in central and northwestern Namibia. They offer a wide range of game species. 

It is located in Etosha National Park 

Located in the northern reaches of Namibia’s Etosha National Park, Burchell Wolf hunting safaris are a great way to experience the wildlife of this unique country. The park has a very diverse landscape, from rolling hills to rocky outcroppings called koppies, to a flat riverbed with large ‘Anna’ trees. 

It offers a number of camps where you can regularly see African wild dogs 

The African wild dog is a highly charismatic animal that lives throughout the savannahs of Africa. Many camps use radio-telemetry to track research packs, so you can be sure to see plenty of these incredible creatures. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to get close and personal with these majestic creatures during a Burchell Wolf hunting safari.