Namibia Hunting Safaris: The Best Place to Hunt Game in Africa

Namibia Hunting Safaris is the perfect place to hunt game in Africa. The country has abundant animal populations, and the hunting experience is unparalleled. Safaris are also a great way to learn about the culture and history of Namibia.

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What is Namibia Hunting Safaris?

The hunting season in Namibia spans from late September to early December. The hunting season is divided into three parts: the alpha or higher season, which lasts from September to October; the beta or lower season, which lasts from October to December; and the gamma or middle season, which lasts from November to January.

During the alpha and beta seasons, game can be found in all of Namibia except for a small area in the east. During the gamma, middle, and final hunting seasons, game can only be found in certain areas.

There are six different types of game that you can hunt in Namibia: elephant, buffalo, lemur, warthog, lioness/male lion (Felis concolor), orangutan (Panthera tahitiana). The costs for hunting any of these animals vary depending on where youhunt them. For example, elephant hunts cost around NT$2500 per day while buffalo hunts cost around NT$4000 per day. Lioness/male lions hunts require an additional fee of NT$8000 per day while Orangutan hunts require an additional fee of NT$10000 per day.

How to Hunt Game in Namibia?

There are many types of game that can be hunted in Namibia. You can hunt elephants, lions, and other large animals. Some hunters prefer to hunt smaller game like gazelle or impalas. You can also hunt game using a bow and arrow, which is a popular option in Namibia.

Tips for Hunting Game in Namibia

In order to hunt game in Namibia, you’ll need to have a firearms license and be able to hold a valid hunting license from your country of residence. You can also pursue a guided safari, which offers an unique and thrilling hunting experience that is not available through any other method.

To hunt game in Namibia, you’ll need to use firearms for the primary purpose of hunting it – which means getting close enough to take aim and shoot. In different areas of the country, you can find different types of game that are hard to hunt with just traditional arrows. For example, theuma (a type of antelope) can be hunted with spears while theyx (an antelope) can only be hunted with firearms.

You should also consider using compound bows or crossbows for hunting game in Namibia because they are much more versatile than traditional bows and arrows and can take many hits before finally killing the target. Additionally, if you have experience with hunting animals like antelopes or buffalo, then using these tactics will make life much easier for you when hunting game in Namibia.

Hunting in Namibia can be a fun and profitable experience. By choosing the right game to hunt, hunting in different areas, and learning the process of hunting, you can create an enjoyable experience for yourself and your friends. However, it’s important to take some time to prepare before you go out on your safari. By reading this guide and following the tips provided, you will be able to have a great time hunting in Namibia.