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Trophy Hunting Namibia

As the second-lowest population density on the planet, Namibia is known for being one of the safest countries in Africa. After gaining independence in 1990, the country has enjoyed stability for over thirty years. Namibia’s sparse population, ultimate hunting experiences, and truly rugged and wild landscape are perfect for rifle and bow hunting, make for an incredible adventure, and ensure an exceptional trophy quality experience.

African Hunting Safaris

Take a step back in time to local hunting as Ruark experienced. Each client will be guided by one of our highly qualified professional hunters across our amazing privately owned, with custom hunting rights, off-the-grid, 30,000 acre wilderness concession. Pass through the thorny lowlands and into the Mopane forested mountains where exceptional trophy quality eland and kudu in Africa can be found.

If bows are your passion, the thick bush and mountainous terrain in the Etosha Conservancy lends itself to a successful archery experience. Each of the 10 waterholes has a ground blind and a couple of tree stands, giving the archer a great opportunity to hunt trophies for the books.

Thick grass in the valleys and waterholes throughout allow bird enthusiasts to find outstanding wing shooting. Flush Guinea hens and Franklin grouse in the morning, they head over to the watering hole where 50 doves in an afternoon are typical. Wait until sunset and prepare for the attack of the Sand Grouse pitching into the water ten at a time.

Meet The Owners

Burchell – Wolf Hunting Safaris takes its name from its owners Scot Burchell and Katie Wolf. This young couple will make your experience one to cherish.

Scot is a third-generation professional hunter and was at one time the youngest licensed dangerous game PH in South Africa.  Reminiscent of a Harry Shelby, Scot is perhaps the best young PH in Southern Africa.  He was the most requested PH at Frontier Safaris where he grew up and began guiding at 17.  Scot is smart, strong, and experienced.  Check him out on YouTube.

Katie is a passionate hunter and writer.  Sports Afield was the first to publish her writings, an article about her first Kudu hunt in Africa.  She grew up in Bozeman, Montana hunting and fishing.  She graduated from the University of Montana Cum Laude in English.  Katie met Scot on her first safari in 2019 while working for Beretta, and as they say, the rest is history.  Katie manages the lodge at both camps and is the consummate host.  She will ensure that your camp experience is exceptional.  If you are accompanied by a non-shooter, Katie will ensure they have a great experience with photo experiences on the properties. Katie leads the day and night outingss to Etosha National Park and elsewhere.

What Guests Say About Our Trophy Hunting Experience – Testimonials

Bob Paro


“I know trying to decide on a place to go hunting in Africa can be difficult. Having hunted the Burchell’s Trudia farm in Northern Namibia, I can tell you that it is a great lodge. The terrain has a rugged beauty with lots of great animals. 40-inch gemsbok and 50-inch kudu are all possible. The living arrangement is simple, with tented chalets that remind one of the days gone by with modern amenities. The Boma is the center of it all, with great authentic African meals being served. Scot and Katie are gracious hosts who will instantly make you feel welcome, and you will leave feeling like family. Everyone works to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Do not hesitate to book if you get the chance.”

Jeff Smith


“Hi, I’m Jeff Smith I’m from Hernando Mississippi, and my first and second hunting safaris were with Scot Burchell and his family. Hunting with them is the best experience I’ve ever had. Excellent accommodations, great food, and the friendliest staff you will ever meet. Their properties are huge and beautiful. Bird life is just something you have to experience. Never a dull moment. We saw numerous remarkable animals and their trophy care is second to none. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have people care about your experience as much as you do. You will arrive as a client and leave as lifetime friends. Thank you, Scot, for all my memories. I will cherish our friendship forever.”

Exclusive Hunting Rights

Namibia offers a diverse selection of trophies. At Burchell-Wolf, you will find only the indigenous wildlife of the northern part of the state. Mountain Zebra, Burchell Zebra, and oryx roam the rolling hills. Klipspringers can be found sunning on a rocky outcrop in the early mornings. It is not uncommon to see a Damara dik dik or two coming in for an afternoon drink at one of our many watering holes.

The elusive Greater Kudu slips in and out of the Mopani trees while the eland travels far and wide. Descend down the mountain into the open valley to spot giraffes munching on the abundant leafy greens. Keep an eye out for steenbuck, duiker, and warthog darting by. Springbok can be found in the open grassy fields while the blue wildebeest, black wildebeest, and red hartebeest do as they please. With intimate parties, such a large variety of species, and challenging terrain, properties in Namibia are among the most enjoyable.

Top African Hunting Safari in Namibia

One of the main focuses at Burchell-Wolf is your trophy. You will have a chance at world-class animals in the Etosha Conservancy, including 55″ kudu and bigger. In addition, the largest Cape Eland and Livingston Eland are also found roaming the Etosha Conservancy’s mountains.

Focused on conservation, Burchell-Wolf manages the number of game species on the property to ensure a stable carrying capacity of the land. Managing these numbers through selective hunting protects the game populations and ensures an abundance of quality animals to be seen. If anyone pursues the tiny ten, the state’s northern region is the place to go. Four of the ten tiny antelope: klipspringer, duiker, damara dik-dik, and steenbok, can be found roaming through the 50 square miles of Burchell-Wolf vast private land.

1×1 Plains Game Hunting Namibia

Family-owned and operated, Burchell-Wolf can give personal attention to each client who walks into camp. Unless otherwise requested, all clients are paired with their pro hunter to provide the best exceptional personal service. Observers are always welcome to tag along and take in the aspects of your experience up close and personal. All hunting takes place between 1 Mar-31 Oct.

Namibia is known for being one of the best game reserves in Africa. From the open valleys in the lowlands to the thorn bush-covered mountains, Namibian plains hunting occurs on a wide variety of terrains. Due to the diverse habitats for game species, Namibia hunting is some of the best in Africa.

Hunting Methods

With Burchell-Wolf, each safari in Namibia is adapted to provide a choice and variety of safari hunting methods depending on the clients’ capabilities. The most common and successful method is the classic spot and stalk with your gun in hand. With a bow, sitting silently at a watering hole can be rewarding.

Challenging but effective, rifle hunting in Namibia is an unforgettable adventure. A hunter should be ready to walk as most experiences are spot-and-stalk. Safari style (from the vehicle) and blinds are also an option.
There are ten watering holes throughout the property, each equipped with a ground blind or tree stand. In addition, popular game trails and frequently visited salt blocks are accompanied by the well-placed and discreet tree stands. There are also opportunities for walk-and-stalk for those hunters who prefer getting out and trekking through the bush.

What Hunters Need To Know

The hunting season is regulated by the Namibia Professional Hunting Association (NAPHA). This organization ensures ethical plains game safaris of the highest standard. At Burchell-Wolf, we pride ourselves on wildlife conservation and management through ethical practices. When hunters come to Burchell-Wolf hunting safaris, they will find a truly great destination for hunters.

Planning Your Trip

Just because it’s a trip to Africa doesn’t mean it’s not cold. Pack accordingly: Jacket, comfortable hiking shoes (do not wait until you arrive to break in a new pair of shoes), long pants, shorts, tan or green shirts, lounge shoes for around the fire, sunscreen, hat, etc.

Be sure to have several blank pages in your passport.

If you have any questions, please contact a team member at Burchell-Wolf anytime.

Day Of Hunting

Family-owned and operated, the Burchell-Wolf family in Namibia can give personal attention to each client who walks into camp. All clients are paired with their professional, unless otherwise requested, to provide the best service possible.

Nonhunters are always welcome to tag along and see the experience up close and personal. All free-range safaris take place between 1 Mar-31 Oct.

After The Hunt

Tips are appreciated by staff. Skulls are cleaned and placed on a rack. Skulls are tagged with the client’s name and contact information. After a few days, the skins are dried and cleaned once more before being put away in the skinning shed.

Burchell-Wolf sends all animals to Bushmans River Taxidermy in South Africa, where they offer a dip and pack service, preparing the mounting to be shipped overseas to the client’s desired taxidermist. Bushmans River Taxidermy also provides outstanding taxidermy services with over 75 years of history mounting African trophies.

Huntable Predators

Depending on the availability of tags, hunting Leopard and Honey Badger can be done with Burchell-Wolf hunting outfitter. Hunting Cheetah, brown hyenas, Spotted hyenas, Jackals, and Caracals can also be included.

Please feel free to contact one of our team members for more detailed information about predator hunting safaris.

Rifle And Bowhunting Safaris

There are many opportunities for both types of hunting. With countless species to target, including four of the ten tiny antelope and the largest eland and kudu on the planet, this hunting safari is a true adventure. Although unknown to many, the area also has incredible wing shooting opportunities.

At Burchell-Wolf Hunting Safaris, we believe a hunter must take their opportunity when Africa presents it. This is one of the reasons we give a professional hunter the chance to shoot off of our price list rather than be committed to a specified package.
For availability and dates please contact a Burchell-Wolf Safaris team member.

Season runs from: 1 Mar – 31 Oct

More Than Just a Hunting Lodge

The hunting lodge is the perfect destination for all, from first-time hunters to seasoned pros. With over 50 square miles and located in the Etosha Conservancy, our hunting territory consists of various terrains, including an entire mountain range, bushland, and open savannahs with animals that score in the Safari Club International record book.

As a successful outfitter, Burchell-Wolf prides itself on superior service and hospitality. Clients will have the opportunity to sleep in a classic tented camp, enjoy incredible traditional cuisine made with game meat that they have harvested, and partake in additional fun activities for all. Our boma is the heart of our camp, with an open thatched roof to enjoy the night sky and a fully stocked bar allowing participants to indulge in their favorite drink alongside the roaring fire every night.

Etosha National Park

Home to the renowned white elephant, large lion prides, and the magnificent black rhino, Etosha National Park is Namibia’s biggest and most iconic national park. Less than an hour’s drive from Burchell-Wolf, a visit to Etosha is a great option for a day trip.

Skeleton Coast

Four hours to the west of Burchell-Wolfs’ home base, the Skeleton Coast stretches from Namibia’s central coastline to up the north. The cold Benguela current of the Atlantic Ocean gives rise to thick ocean fog and in the days before engine-powered ships, ships would run ashore due to the lack of visibility and the large surf. Today, many shipwrecks can be found along this coastline earning its name the Skeleton Coast.

Surf Fishing Trips

Namibia boasts one of the largest Bronze Whaler Shark populations in the world. These extremely sporty sharks can reach up to 14 feet in length and weigh well over 400 lbs. These big sharks are targeted from the sandy shore on heavy surf casting tackle and big baits. Although the Bronze Whaler is the main targeted species, there are many other shark and fish species to catch, such as the Seven-Gilled Cow Shark, the Spotted Gully Shark, Smooth Hound Sharks, Lesser GuitarFish, various Rays, Cob, Steenbras, and other smaller fish species.

Town Tours – Swakopmund & Walvis Bay

Although the ocean that borders the Namibian coastline is very cold, Namibia has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches containing white sand as far as the eye can see. Namibia’s coastal towns have many historic monuments and a rich German culture ensuring the best cuisine and, of course, great beer. The coastal towns of Namibia are visited by almost all tourists entering the country ensuring the hotels are up to world-class standards.

Sky Diving

For the adrenaline junkie, skydiving off the coast of Namibia is as beautiful a setting as you will find while jumping out of a plane at 10,000 ft with a parachute strapped to your back. With an incredible view of both the Namib Desert and the beautiful Atlantic Ocean, you will be guaranteed a jump you’ll never forget.

Sand Dune Quad Trails

The sand dune quad trails are something the whole family can do. From the first time quad rider to the most experienced, the guides will set a pace and find a trail you are comfortable with. Riding through the beautiful sand dunes of the Namib Desert will surely create memories that will last a lifetime.

Our Prices

At Burchell-Wolf, we know that hunting is all about the opportunities given. This is why we don’t worry about creating packages and rather let our enthusiasts simply pay a day fee and hunt off our price list. This allows the hunter to take the opportunities presented to him/her while out in the bush. We also know the best way to keep it relevant is to introduce it to the next generation. For this reason, we offer your groups to bring children 12 and under to join in on the fun with no day/observer fee.

Hunter’s day fee (1×1) – $300

Observer fee – $180

Children 12 and under – FREE

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner


House beer and wine

Transport to and from Outjo


Transportation to and from airport

Hard liquor

Trophy fees

Day trips and overnight trips

Dip and pack


Get Started With Professional Hunters and Top Wildlife Hunting Trophies

Let us take you on a real free-range hunt, unlike hunting elsewhere in Africa. With truly rugged Namibia hunting and a vast number of species, come and experience the real, wild Africa.

Are you hunters looking to get started? Looking for amazing African hunting? Give us a call with any questions you have, and our friendly staff will be happy to help! Family and groups are welcome!