Top Plains Game To Hunt

Hunt 5 of the top plains game in Namibia with Burchell-Wolf Safaris.


Burchell-Wolf Safaris is located in northern Namibia in the Etosha Conservancy where some of the largest Southern Greater Kudu in the world can be found, reaching 55” and bigger. On our 30,000 acre wilderness conservancy, the elusive kudu, often referred to as the “grey ghost of Africa,” will surely be a rewarding hunt.


One of the most iconic animals in Namibia is the Gemsbuck. With an incredible black and white mask across their face and long dark horns that extend over 30” in length, the Gemsbuck is arguably one of the most beautiful plains game species in Africa.


The largest antelope in the world is the Eland. The largest Cape and Livingston Eland are found in northern Namibia. With running capabilities of up to 25 mph, camouflage coloring, and weighing over 1000 lbs, hunting Eland is a welcomed challenge.

Mountain Zebra

Mountain Zebra can be some of the toughest animals to hunt in Namibia. Able to spook miles away, hunting Mountain Zebra takes hard work, strategy, and a little bit of luck. Once obtained, one could argue, there is not a trophy in Africa more beautiful than the Hartman mountain zebra.

Damara Dik Dik

The elegant Damara Dik Dik is one of the most sought after tiny 10 species in Namibia. With a very small inhabited range, the Etosha Conservancy is home to most of the world’s population. If a Dik Dik is on your list of animals to get, there is no better place to find the quality and quantity that we possess.

Plains Game Hunting Safari Details

A hunting day will find you waking up typically an hour before sunrise. After getting ready for the day, you will enjoy a cooked breakfast before leaving camp.

You will return to camp around noon to enjoy a three-course lunch and perhaps a mid-day nap before heading out again for the afternoon hunt that will stretch until dusk.

Once it’s too dark to hunt, you will head back to the lodge where you will enjoy drinks around the open fire in the boma before indulging in a spectacular dinner. After dinner, spend the rest of the evening around the fire sharing stories with family and friends before heading to bed in your luxury private tent.

What Guests Say About Us

namibia bird hunting

Bob Paro


“I know trying to decide on a place to go hunting in Africa can be difficult. Having hunted the Burchell’s Trudia farm in Northern Namibia, I can tell you that it is a great farm to hunt. The terrain has a rugged beauty with lots of great animals. 40 inch gemsbok, 50 inch kudu are all possible. The living arrangement is simple with tented chalets that remind one of days gone by with modern amenities. The Boma is the center of it all with great authentic African meals being served. Scot and Katie are gracious hosts who will instantly make you feel welcome and you will leave feeling like family. Everyone works to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Do not hesitate to book if you get the chance.”

Wing Shooting

Jeff Smith


“Hi, I’m Jeff Smith I’m from Hernando Mississippi. My first and second safaris were with Scot Burchell and his family. Hunting with them is the best experience I’ve ever had. Excellent accommodations, the food is great, and the friendliest staff you will ever meet. Their properties are huge and beautiful. The bird life in Namibia is something you just have to experience. Never a dull moment. We saw numerous trophy animals and their trophy care is second to none. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have people who care about your trophies as much as you do. You will arrive as a client and leave as lifetime friends. Thank you Scot for all my memories, I will cherish our friendship forever.”