Namibia Safari Tours

It is impossible to resist the allure of Africa. You may always anticipate something new from Africa and its ideal holiday spots from one visit. Contact us to learn more about hunting namibia safari

Namibia is a one-of-a-kind destination. Safari Namibia packages include::

  • Prime wildlife excursions.
  • Fascinating desert areas.
  • Diverse cultures.
  • A plethora of uninhabited regions.
  • Vast open spaces in between.

A trip to Namibia’s savannahs is unlike any other safari in the world.

How Do You Plan To Have An Enjoyable Trip?

Namibia has a variety of safaris available, from fly-ins to self-drive to individually guided excursions. Namibia offers the best wildlife viewing from July to October. It’s when Namibians go on safari. As a result, planning ahead of time makes your trip much easier.

Fly-In Safaris

Namibia is a huge country with many famous places scattered across it. Flights between locations save time and provide breathtaking views from the top. Fly-in safaris take you through beautiful scenery to harsh terrains via the mystical red sand desert and sand dunes.

The lovely game park Etosha, which features wildlife congregating beside the waterholes, is a great starting point. Damaraland’s rarest black Rhino and desert-adapted Elephants may be followed in Damaraland, while Sossuslevi’s enormous sand dunes are fascinating.

Major Attractions Of Fly-In Safaris:

  • Diverse Landscapes within a lesser time span.
  • Unique game viewing experience.
  • Exclusive and Intimate accommodations.
  • Extraordinary service.
  • Mouth-watering cuisine.
  • Never-ending thrill and excitement.

Self-Drive Safaris

Drive through the magnificent desert, explore the scenic beauty along the coast, push through the captivating mountain valleys, and unmatched game viewing and adventure activities like desert walks, skydiving, quad biking, and a lot more. What better can you expect out of a safari?

Major Attractions Of Self-Drive Safaris:

  • Awesome scenic experience.
  • Excellent game viewing.
  • Unlimited pleasure.
  • Camping nights
  • Great food, accommodation, and hospitality throughout.

Privately Guided Safaris

The Privately Guided Safaris are led by knowledgeable and professional Namibia travel guides to guarantee a fascinating glimpse of the country during your journey that covers the length and breadth of Namibia. Begin your trip from the nation’s capital and plan ahead of time with your safari guide to avoid trouble.

You may learn about the Damara people’s lives and customs by reading about them in your travel guide. However, the Etosha National Park, which is sought after for its large game viewing and diverse bird species, is something that shouldn’t be missed.

Major Attractions Of Privately Guided Safaris:

  • An incredible journey to witness the vast wilderness of the country.
  • Best safari guides for better experience and convenience.
  • Exquisite accommodation for better rest and recoup.
  • Fine dining facilities
  • Beautiful wildlife encounters.

Accommodations & Meals During Namibian Safari:

Hotels, Lodges Or Guest Houses:

It’s always a good idea to make reservations before driving across the Namibian desert. Hotels, lodges, and guest houses are extremely limited in number in urban areas, with just a few actually accessible on your route to tourist attractions. In these places, you will get food included in your package.

Luxury Lodges And Thatched Roof Chalets:

Namibia is recognized for providing exceptional lodgings and world-class service. The finest lodges and traditional thatched roof chalets in Namibia’s rural areas between the desert may be a highlight of your trip. The thrill and pleasure of camping out under the stars and listening to lions roaring are incomparable. International meals are offered that can help to dispel the weariness of a day-long journey.

Budget Hotels, Camping, And Community-Run Camps:

Budget hotels are found in Windhoek, Swakopmund, and Luderitz, the three largest cities. So, the only alternatives left to suit your needs while on the road are camping and staying in a hotel where you’ll find all of your required supplies at a reasonable price.

Namibia has many community-run camps where you may learn more about the country’s inhabitants and culture.

Namibia’s trips are well-prepared and provide lavish comfort and rest. You conclude what you were looking for as a result of your trip to Namibia’s vast wilderness and spectacular beauty. So, book a vacation with the highly experienced and qualified Safari World Tours staff without further ado.